Fast MRC (Memory Remap Feature)

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    I have 4Go and I run on Windows 7 x64...

    Does anyone know if I can enable this option in the BIOS (P7P55D-E Pro - Asus) ?

    Fast MRC [Disabled]
    Enabled - While cold booting, MRC directly restores memory data from valid NVRAM wihout hardware training.
    Disabled - The cold booting with memory detection and hardware training (?)

    There is nothing about it on google, but a lot about "Memory Remap Feature" only.

    Thanks for your answers :)
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    After a look on the Official AsusTek Forum : AsusTek Forum Link

    Silly question maybe but what does MRC means ?

    EDIT : Find !
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    Sorry, haven't had the time to look into it yet. :(

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