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    My rifle is progressing well. I had to figure out some mount issues (loose screws) and am finally confident that it's ready to go.

    So off to the 100 yard range I went.

    Here's a 100 yard group (1 inch boxes):

    SIG MCX shooting American Eagle 5.56 NATO M193 ball ammo.

    Shot via a gripod and my elbows through a Trijicon MRO with no magnifier.

    For perspective, here's the target I'm shooting at (you can probably JUST make out the paper around the red dot)... I'm thankful for my eyesight!

    The rifle:

    Pardon the non matching FDE gripod. :p

    While the rifle is very accurate, it is very hard to do so without a magnified optic. Which is fine. I only see myself reaching out to perhaps 150-200 yards maximum so I'm not intending it to be a precision shooter (if I did, it would be wearing glass with magnification). This is perfect for the setup I want.

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    Shooting steel targets from a little more than 100 yards (I think it was 103 yards/94 meters) out in the wilderness in 4K :)

    SIG MCX:

    FN SCAR17S:

    I'm shooting a 10 inch (25 cm) steel plate that's at the tip of the arrow on the attached picture. :)

    It was a lot easier with the SCAR since I have a magnified optic on it (obviously). But I could hit it with the MCX with it's unmagnified red dot (size of dot is 2 Minutes of Angle - or ~2 inches @ 100 yards).

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    Last time I was at the range, my good buddy suggested that I practice shouldering the rifle or bringing up the pistol to my eyes from a low ready everytime I shoot.

    That way, I can develop muscle memory and improve target acquisition. Also helps practice from a draw.

    He also gave me some pointers to think about about both my pistol and rifle hold.

    So, I did just that.

    Got a few fliers in the beginning, but really solidified as I went through my 30rd magazine. Target was at 25 yards and my rifle has a 100 yards zero (so it should hit 1.5-2 inches low at 25 yards). And I got a good group where the holes were connecting.

    Very confidence inspiring to know I can hit the center mass of a target at 25 yards very quickly through my unmagnified red dot.

    He also stressed that I should break up from shooting in a static manner (it's great for working on fundamentals and accuracy, but he said that in real world application, it's always dynamic and never ideal). He also suggested that I start incorporating things like kneeling and leaning (like shooting from corners) - which I actually shoot from the kneeling position quite a bit (since I need it for hunting).

    It's very cool to get shooting pointers from a 20 year retired US Army Special Forces guy (who's also one of the nicest folks I know).

    Also, to break things up, I tried the 'Mozambique Drill' for the first time (from 10 yards).
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    What about shooting while diving sideways? :mrgreen:
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    Like this?

    I admittedly focus on accuracy and speed that doesn't compromise shot placement. So I've never shot doofus style. Haha!

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    No, I was thinking more like this! :beer: :cool: :haha:

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    Haha! I'm not nearly as cool as Chow Yun Fat

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    Or Keanu Reeves. :haha:

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