forum is getting boring......

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Brian, Aug 10, 2003.

  1. Dashken

    Dashken Administrator!

    Feeling guilty? Come, make yourself useful and go buy all of us a few drinks and also supper. Maybe the food will make us forget faster. :mrgreen:
  2. Ishtim

    Ishtim Super Moderator

    I did NOT mean to cause a stir of such magnitude by replying to Ginglith's comments. In a nutshell, I wanted to remark on the "contribution" part of it. Everyone needs to interact to feel apart of the group. This "group" is more of a gathering that share some interest(s), mostly computer stuffs. The "Off-topic" section allows us to share a little extra about ourselves. The best way to contribute (even in the Lounge) is to share experiences and knowledge of existing topics and / or posting new ones. There are all types of things in here, food, sports, females, events, etc... To be apart of all the fun stuff you must contribute. Even the smallest bit of effort does not go unnoticed by ARP members. The ARP family has an "open arms" invitation to all people whether the contribute or not is purely their choice.
  3. netboy

    netboy Newbie

    Hrmmm... This thread is one of the fastest growing thread (If not the fastest) I can see here. Well, I think some of you still don't get my point quite right. I want to make it clear that I'm not talking about other forum. I'm talking mainly about the Lounge & General Discussion forum. I can't deny the quality ARP has, and the BOG thingy, it's just cool...

    I just want to point out what the starter of this thread wants to point out: Low traffic and dying Lounge forum.

    And something you must agree with me - One site can't just hope for ONE thing to be success and keep being on the TOP. Yes, I'm talking about BOG. Again, ARP is WORLD RENOWNED by the BOG but please don't tell me that ARP will stay on the top with the BOG. Please don't tell me ARP is only good for it's BOG ok? I'm sure there's more things ARP can improve on. I'm impressed with the H/W review articles. Read alot yesterday nite although most of them are old ones.

    Rephrase: ARP only good for BOG and nothing else?

    That's about the site. Back to the forum (The boringness are referring to the Forum, NOT the site), I think ARP guys are too serious with their jobs. You all are great. Did a great job on the site but I personally think that you guys are too serious with your jobs.

    If don't compare, how to improve? Life is full of comparisons. You can't ignore them. They're there. I didn't mean comparing = following. I meant compare = improve.

    P/S This is the first time I heard a forum mod showing a member the backdoor for giving feedbacks and suggestions on how to improve the forum.
  4. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    Suggestions how to improve the forum? Please point out, thanks. :mrgreen: And I have already said that I'm being too harsh for saying that, and removed that from my original post. Thousands apologies!

    If I want to hide it from everyone of you, I wouldn't have left that message there in the first place. I just felt extremely frustrated with all the complains without any sort of suggestions...

    Why are you keep pointing to BOG? I have never mentioned anything about BOG...

    And yes, I didn't mention anything about how boring the site is as well. I've been refering to the forum all the while.

    And finally, some comments about us. So what do you think we are too serious about? Something we could/should change? :think:

    If you keep on comparing, you will never be satisfied in the end. You will start comparing how rich, how smart, how pretty, how lucky others are...never ending. That's why I never compare. If there's an improvement over something, that's already a good step forward. Take BOG for example, there's nothing to compare with, so what should Adrian do? Improve even more! Simple as that. ;) what do you think we should improve on? :think:

    As I've mentioned earlier, any suggestions are always welcomed. So far from this thread, there's no other suggestions, except for Ginglith's 'create more interesting topic'. We will work on that. :thumb:
  5. Brian

    Brian Newbie

    do what anandtech did to get famous.........add an article a day, or once every 2 days..........that way readers will comemore often and participate in the forums...... :)
  6. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    We have a lot less man power over here, but as I've mentioned earlier, we have loads of articles to be posted in August, hopefully that would bring in more members. So that's what we are doing now. :)
  7. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    LOL! I feel the same way too about the BOG. It may have made ARP famous but it should NOT be the only thing. If not, we should just change the name Adrian's Rojak Pot to The BIOS Optimization Guide! :mrgreen:

    That's why we are now developing a new cadre of writers. This month we will release some of their reviews / articles. As time passes, we hope more writers will join Team ARP and contribute to the community. Anyone else interested in joining Team ARP?? :thumb:

    Like Ishtim said, ARP is more than just a hardware site or forum. It's a gathering or community of people who share interests. How well ARP turns out depends on how active the community is. That's basically what Chai, Ishtim and the others in Team ARP are trying to convey. :thumb:

    Nope. Don't worry. Chai never meant to show Ginglith the door. LOL! I spoke to Chai and it was just a misunderstanding. That's what you get for working at FedEx! :lol:

    With a supervisor checking in on him every now and then, I don't think Chai gets a chance to really read through Ginglith's post or your post. Once he re-read the posts though, he realized his mistake and edited his post. To his credit, he did not edit out his mistake and pretended that it never happened. :thumb:

    I must say that ARP is actually a very receptive place. Look at this thread. Hehe... Not many forums will even allow such a thread to exist. But Chai and the other moderators allowed it to grow because we all appreciate the feedback.

    If you ask me, it's all a misunderstanding of rather hilarious proportions. :mrgreen:

    The forums rely on two parties for it to grow. One - the admins and moderators. Two - the visitors and forum members. Both are critical and no forum can survive without one or the other.

    The admins and moderators maintain the forums by correcting problems and upgrading it over time. They also ensure discussions stay within limits and does not grossly offend anyone. Without them, the forums will fall into disrepair and chaos would ensue.

    The visitors and forum members play no small role either. They are what the forums is all about! Believe me - visitors and especially forum members determine the character and success of the forum.

    We make up the forums, not that piece of software that creates this virtual area we call the forums.

    We determine the direction this forum takes. Do we want to concentrate on serious mind-numbing tech subjects or do we want to chat about girls or the 999 uses of condoms? :shock: :mrgreen: Or do we want something in between? We determine THAT!

    We determine how successful this forum will be. Admins and moderators are facilitators of discussion as well as guardians in this place. But the onus of creating valuable and interesting discussion does NOT only lie with them. ALL OF US, admins, moderators, visitors, members... we ALL determine how successful this forum will be!

    Right now, we as forum members are pointing to the admins and moderators as the cause of the forums' "boringness". Heh.. And the admins and moderators think it's the forum members' fault for NOT participating.

    In actual fact, both are RIGHT and WRONG! :mrgreen: ALL OF US determine how this forum develops. If anyone is to blame, it's us - admins, moderators, visitors, forum members. And I would be the first to admit it.

    But enough of talking! I can tell that ALL of you actually have only one thing on your mind - the development of ARP as a strong hardware site and discussion forum! I salute all of you for that! :clap: :clap: :clap:

    Now, let's get to work! :mrgreen: As Dashken says,

  8. netboy

    netboy Newbie

    Which one is really the good forum?
    1) Mid-quality posts + high traffic
    2) High-quality posts + low traffic

    I think many of you at ARP may opt to be the 2) one isn't it? I can see that ARP only go for really quality stuffs but the mods need to do something to improve the traffic. Or perhaps the forumer need to do their part as well.

    Less traffic means minimum exposure = Put in alot of quality stuffs but no one to share with.

    Yeah, Dashken's line is kinda rite. We need quality posters as well.

    Questions is: Where and how to attract quality posters?
  9. Gouki

    Gouki Newbie

    hhmmm....... interesting...... well..... its kinda subjective wether which forum is consider better/boring/interesting & etc........ its personal preferences..... to me..... the forum here is just nice...... a clear set of rules and guidelines for everyone.... although i do admit that the activity over here is lower compare to other forum like but all the threads and postings here are more solid/quality..... but dont get me wrong though...... there are quality postings in too...... but from what i observe...... there are certain forum members who like to spam with unreasonable postings..... or should i say unvaluable postings..... one of the main reason for that is due to much more freedom..... as for here...... certain members might not like the strictness (although i know its not) of the admin and moderators over here...... but at least its much more organise by itself...... on the other hand..... at you can see many topics sometimes have went way off topic..... just my 2 cents here....... just from my point of view...... so dont shoot me..... :mrgreen: :whistle:

    at the end...... we cant compare any of these forums...... everyone of them has different culture/goal/way to build up a set of different and unique community/forum...... so shape your own community/forum over here...... that will all depend on everyone in the forum..... nuff said..... less talk and more action..... like what had been said by Dashken..... :clap: :thumb:
  10. Ginglith

    Ginglith Newbie

    *ahem* your local agent provacateur (no relation whatsover to the lingerie line... ;) ) speaketh...

    Chai.. u lucky son of a gun, I was away so I didn't read ur pre edited version ehehe.. but I'm not silly enough to get pissed over a thread, so no worry, I'm cool with it.

    But for now..

    from Chai
    Do you see the irony ?
    First you said you want to have more discussions, then you said you created a containment section for 'noisy' threads. But you discourage these threads, then you said you've tried to have a Chat room but it didn't go down well.
    Of course it didnt' ! If your lounge is in such a dire state (it doesn't feel much like a lounge) how can a real time chat room even work ? Get the lounge and community to be more active, a sprinkling of 'Comraderie' and loads of gooky characters, then we can talk about a nice chatroom.

    Come on, don't feed us with the old tried and failed quality above quantity philosophy. What's the use when u have 'good' threads that are replied every umm... 24-48 hours or *GASP* every few days ? That's the problem sometimes with this place, dont' put it on a pedestal and say oh no ARP is too high-ho for such nonsense.. this is a lounge. Nonsense is the name of the game. There's no fun watching old royal farts trying to crack jokes !!

    And come on, like netboy said, we live in a world where the perceived value of any entity is judged with respect to others. That's how we improve too.

    off topic in the off topic lounge !! OH WHAT A MENACE TO SOCIETY ! Seriously, try not to be too puritanical in the lounge. Unless they are trading in kiddie pr0n i think it's ok. Lamers will be shot down by the members (if you have enough non-lamer members of course ;) ) You should steer the forum to a state of self moderation. It takes time but it can be done if the members share your vision. You'll know by the number of members leaving/signing up.

    Ahhhhh.. you don't get the idea of having a discussion board then. Even if it's 'chatting' about that fluff you collect from your belly button. A discussion board allows or rather bars people from making knee jerk replies. Forums like these are supposed to have well thought out replies and you forget one thing. These replies are archived and are permanent ! That's the beauty of it. So I always try not making a fool of myself in forums. This applies to 'chatting' too.

    and hence there is a lounge. Sure go ahead and lock down those threads that are started by ding heads but leave the lounge alone !

    Hear Hear !! Lighten up guys, have umm an extra teaspoon of sugar with your tea !... I like you.. really, especially now that you've posted up your pics... haha ! Rojakpot is a GREAT name. Just don't poo pah 'nonsensical' chatters in the lounge

    oh yea just before i hit the big submit button..
    dont' worry man, i know there's lots of b*tching and all, but dont' force it by spamming loads of 'interesting' topics. Failing that we can all go back to discussion the great ol' BOG.
  11. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Heh... Actually, our goal is quality posts + high traffic! :thumb:

    Oh yeah, agree with that! :thumb:

    Heh.. Actually, we don't need to do anything great to attract quality forum members. All we need to do is be more active ourselves!

    Once we become active, the forums will automatically attract more members. It's a process that feeds itself! :thumb:
  12. Gouki

    Gouki Newbie

    hey ginglith..... well said...... :clap: :thumb: now thats what i call quality posting...... like to read your postings no matter over here or cheers..... :angel:
  13. Dashken

    Dashken Administrator!

    Hmm... you really don't get it, do you? Ohh... how long have you been here? :D

    Lounge is not for 'noisy' threads. Every thread is considered noisy if more than one person posts. :p It is actually for less serious topics to be posted and to be discussed. It's not like a chat room at all. Sorry if the word 'lounge' confused you. :mrgreen:

    How to get things to be more active? Yeah, talking is cheap. It's even cheaper if you just talk. Hey... give more suggestions and not what should be done. Why not suggest how to do it? :roll: :dance:

    Huh? If you were to ask me, I'll go for a serious topic with no off-topic posts at all. Even if people only posts like 2-3 posts a day. I have been to some forums where one topic posted today and when I visit it 2 days later, it has spawned to about 20 pages. Serious! :snooty: And from the free time that I have, I read through the whole thread. All I can say is it's full of BS! After all those discussion, no solid point was made. What kind of discussion do you call that? And most of the time... it was off-topic from the 2nd page onwards. :sick:

    That's not good, is it? :naughty:

    One more thing, you create nonsense in a lounge? Interesting... :think:

    Ohh... we are not kidding at all. And self-moderation? Have you been to a forum where it is not moderated? No? Maybe that explains why. :roll:

    What use is a thread when it is turned into one-sentence replies? Just like chatting. Would you visit such forum with threads like that? No. Not for me that is. :snooty:

    Have you seen people posting a reply with emoticons? Just emoticons? Yeah, it happened here before before the regulations were posted. Those time was hillarious. I was one of the menace. But have turned into a new leaf ever since. Conclusion, forum does change a person. :arp:

    Now, I wonder who doesn't get the idea. This forum is not about one person. Not about you, and not about me either. People of all walks of life visit this place. So, you won't really know when someone will create a havoc. Most of the time, stupid posts will come up when people are allowed to chat. Funny huh? Without freedom, they whine. Too much freedon, they abuse. Well, that's human. :doh: :wall:

    Well-thought out replies? Welcome to the real world, not everyone is like you. :thumb:

    You take up a job and you play with it? :roll: Heard of the word, responsibility? :think:

    I think this is really getting no where. Why not use the time to think up more ways on how and not why (not stating the obvious/problems) to spice up the forum? Darn! I'm tired... gotta have a drink. :whistle:
  14. Ishtim

    Ishtim Super Moderator

    I am not too familiar with NOR am I attempting to start a feud out of the interesting posts that have been made on the slow traffic topic, but i would like to add some relevant information at least to use as pondering material. I found some "comparisons" although they mean nothing to me (kinda like 3DMark), but for what its worth I thought this was interesting: The top of the chart (#1) is most popular! :think:
  15. Dashken

    Dashken Administrator!

  16. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    It's not fair to use alexa to compare bandwidth, because our main site generates a lot of traffic as well. We have to admit that our forum is not as active as LY forum. It's a fact, now. :D I don't have time to reply everything, going to work soon.
  17. Ginglith

    Ginglith Newbie

    My turn to sling the mud.

    Hmm... so a person's knowledge is based on how long he/she/it has been a member ? Ooo I bet you think post counts is an indication of how large your male gonads are too. How manly you must be !

    Every thread is considered noisy if more than one person post ? Sorry I dont' follow your reasoning. Maybe I should umm reply again in 2 years time when I'm 'wiser'.

    The fact that you have TWO general topics post with one labeled serious discussions and another for 'chilling out' I'd say more 'talk cock' threads here in the lounge isn't a problem. So what if someone asked if anyone was in a riot ? We all know Mr. Clean's reputation here.
    I dont' know what you talk about during your mamak sessions because I dont' 'get' what your 'less serious' topics are.
    Maybe you like discussions like

    Discuss Malaysia's 2003 Gross Domestic Product
    Discuss the importance of Judiciary Independence
    American Encroachment is the new neo capitalism. Discuss.

    to 'chill out'.
    I wonder what you talk about in the 'Off Topic' board then. Existentialism ? Causality ?

    I dont' see whats your beef about it if the thread is in the lounge. It's supposed to be off topic ! You'll know most popular threads will go off topic for a momment before someone comes in again and puts it back on track.

    Post counts. The evil lemmings and their oversized gonads.

    So they cannot play ? Cannot 'chill out' ? geez what do u do in your free time then ?
  18. netboy

    netboy Newbie

    Hi all... It's time for my reply...

    For as long as I can remember this is one of the fastest replied thread since I've joined ARP forum a couple of months back!

    Anyway, wanna make clear of something first, this thread, from it's title: "Forum is Getting Boring", we are suppose to talk about the Forum - Especially Lounge Forum, rather than other forum or the site.


    1) "Off topic" discussions
    You can't be too serious during off-topic discussions. Whaty I meant by mod/admin being too serious is about the off-topic discussions. Like what Ginglith said: We're not talking about anything bad like kiddie porn or what, why so harsh? That's why's forum doesn't apply post count for its kopitiam forum. (Nope, I'm not trying to compare). It's OFF-TOPIC. Why still be so serious?

    2) Chai
    Again, since you don't encourage this at all, why you created the "Chat Room" at first place?

    3) Alexa
    Alexa's comparison is about the Main Site, meaning vs. and NOT vs. We ARE talking about the forum now.

    4) Adrian
    Yeah, the process does feed itself but how long? For example - (not comparing again ok?) -'s forum, members tend to post their problems or knowledge there rather than here because they know that at, there are more people to share with. More poeple means more experiences. Let's say someone want to buy a new graphic card, they tend to ask at first because the traffic there is higher, so that they can get faster replies.

    If anyone thinks that I'm comparing, think of compare and improve rather than compare and follow.

    If 2 people in ARP uses G4 Ti4200, one say good, one say no good then should listen to who? If 10 people in uses it, more feedback can be retrived.

    That's the way I see people going there. As far as I'm concern, there's always new members (Everyday) at

    Also, one thing that aided's high traffic is the Lowyat Plaza itself. It's the main IT center in KL now where most people buy stuffs from there nowadays.

    A piece of suggestion:
    The admin/mod should act first. They should be the one to change the rules abit. What's the point of members start to create "off-topic" discussion (To spice up the forum) but end up being locked by the mods? The mods shouldn't be too serious with their work, especially in Lounge.
  19. Dashken

    Dashken Administrator!

    Now, this is really getting no where. We are moving in circles now. :whistle: The neverending loop. :hand:
  20. TungstenBoy

    TungstenBoy Newbie

    i'm back!!! :D
    and i will be here more often now..

    i think netboy + ginglith should take it easy...its easy 2 tell rojakpot adminers 2 take it easy but u should take it easy urself ler... :mrgreen:
    who so angry? :p

    4 last few weeks i only posted in lowyat..ya, coz got more responses..but most of the time, i dun get quality responses..

    like dat 120gb western digital hdd issue...saw it here...tried 2 be nice and post in lowyat about it... but what do u know? i get flamed...quality response? dun think so..wats the point of many opinions if all r based not on facts, just opinion? :doh: :doh: :doh:

    look at dat chew guy (ya, although i never post recently, i come visit very often!!!)...wat a troll...can see dat no matter wat the truth is, he juz give his stupid opinion...not wrong la..juz saying 2 prove point dat if in lowyat, ppl wont disagree with him...they will probably say he damn expert..but look here...rojakpot guys r smart...they can see his bullshit & tell him off...

    anyway, lowyat forum is nice forum..coz got lots of friends there...but rojakpot is good quality..dats why now i will come back more often..

    another thing..just my opinion..i agree with adrian & dashken..cannot juz blame adminers cause its all up to us also..we must be active...lowyat got lots of active members not because their admins active...its cause the members r active...wan rojakpot forums 2 be active, then we must be active la..

    okokok..i think dis topic is going 2 far...dunno why u all so angry...adrian & dash already so nice talking nicely 2 u all & u all like want 2 start flame war..even chai (dun hurt me! jk!) also nvr lock dis thread or flame anyone who say rojakpot forum bad..RESPECT! :mrgreen:

    dun be like dis..we all rojakpot visitors..lets make this place as happening as lowyat..look at lowyat main link to rojakpot's bios guide..dats the respect lowyat admins have 4 rojakpot...we r all brothers!

    so CHILL out, brothers! :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

    ps. sorry about my bad spelling and grammer..too used to it after being in lowyat forums..hahaha...will switch to better english from now on..
    juz added some spacing so looks neater.. :thumb:

    ps. eh chai.. can we have a respect or salute icon? or maybe something like lowyat icons??? :)

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