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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards & Displays' started by Mirrorlynx, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. Mirrorlynx

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    Hi could someone help with a graphics card i've brought recently, After installing card it appeared to display as intended apart from a ghosting of angled lines moving down screen in the background( a bit like a 'tune in' on a old TV ).
    I have noticed the card has a missing capacitor on the top/right corner(heat sink face to you and PCIe connector at bottom) which i think may be the problem, I'm going to attempt to solder a replacement cap,it will be the first time i’ve ever tryed this and after some searching for info on soldering i’ve bought a 30w iron if it was higher its supposed to damage components. It was a pain to google for over an hour to find the right cap value, the only guide are the surrounding ones on card which could be misleading showing this value- 2K1, 820, 2.5v (the caps are red -does this makes any difference).

    I also got a email reply from vtx3d support this is it -

    Hi,From your supply photos and fail component location is C730. Its name is “CAP S/C AL 100UF/16V DIP ESR:25M OHM” , “ Vender is “Matsuki Polymer” and “Part

    I'm not sure where to buy this replacment
    Thanks for any advice.
  2. Adrian Wong

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    It's listed here - ::: Matsuki Polymer :::

    You can try contacting Matsuki Polymer to find out where you can get a replacement capacitor closest to your location @ ::: Matsuki Polymer :::

    There are a few suppliers online selling this capacitor but they appear to have minimum order quantities for a few thousand pieces... :(
  3. Mirrorlynx

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    Thanks for the reply, i'll look in to it. -"to have minimum order quantities for a few thousand pieces..." ...!!well, they say to have a backup i'll guess i'll have a few :)

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