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    Today I’m going to share my review of the Apacer AC630 a shock proof portable external drive. I got this a couple of months ago way back at Computex 2017 Taiwan when we visited the Apacer Headquarters.

    I’ve learned so many things about the company during that time since they showcased all their product line starting from the MicroSD going to the USB 3-in-1, 2-in-1 Flash drives, OTG adapters smartphones ,external drives and memory modules.

    The Apacer AC630 is just one of the entry-level military-grade rugged type shock proof drives that they unveiled that time, they also have the AC631 which has a different design. Then the AC632 which is a metal build and still a military grade shockrpoof portable drive. And many more but today I’m just going to focus with the AC630 drive.

    Build and Design
    Its surrounded by a thick rubber material that makes it safe for accidental drop, but it also still has a plastic top and bottom cover.

    It only consist of one color variant, color orange, and black. It includes a USB 3.0 cable that is intact with this cable carry that they designed.

    The overall thickness is just 20.5mm and it comes with two capacity a 1-terabyte and 2-terabyte storage. The one I have is the 1-terabyte version.

    The AC630 is also IP55 which means it’s waterproof and dustproof but there is only one USB slot which is located below.

    Inside Look
    Since I’m curious how it looks inside Opening this is very easy it only consists of four regular screws, once removed we can see the thick rubber material padding surrounding the drive that makes it secure and safe for an accidental drop.

    The drive inside is a WD 2.5inch regular HDD. Connected to this small board which also has the warranty seal. This drive also has a 3-year warranty.

    Read and Write Speed
    Benchmark results are expected since this is not using an SSD drive it had a read and write speed of over 104mb/s which is actually not bad.

    I edit in 4k and the great thing here is that I can still playback directly a 4k file without even copying it on my internal drives. So directly it plays in the drive itself.


    What I like about this drive is how rugged and portable it’s my main backup drive actually and whenever I go out to a meeting or if I’m editing on the go. It’s reliable I never had any issues of incompatibility even using this on a Macintosh laptop.

    Usually, on other MacBooks, I still need to install additional tools just to read the drive. But for this one its just plug and play.

    The only thing I wish is that they included a separate cable for a USB type-C just for future proofing

    But overall this drive is quiet and reliable I don’t worry if I accidentally drop this which is from time to time it happens to me when I am in a hurry to pack up my things


    If you’re a traveler or maybe a professional who is always on the go or probably a student I recommend getting this one for safer and durable storage.

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