HelpMe Please! for dual wan

Discussion in 'Internet & Networking' started by skyrock, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. skyrock

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  2. Adrian Wong

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    Of the three brands, I have only heard of Linksys. I have not tried any of those routers, but I would go with the Linksys. :think:
  3. cyberguy

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    I agree. Linksys is owned by Cisco systems - the world's largest networking specialists. If I were looking to build a small (or large) business network, these would be the first products I would look at. :thumb:
  4. 1031982

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    Well, for 200 users I would say it depends on what it being done. If a lot of traffic going through, I could go with with Cisco OR a good bridge. But if there is light traffic, I would go with Linksys.
  5. skyrock

    skyrock Newbie

    CISCO which model

    Can you give me CISCO models that i should consider?

    thanks a lot for your replies....

  6. AAY

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    I don't mean to insult or demean you, but it sounds like you're not extremely familiar with the kind of network environment you want to deploy. Get help. Hire a consultant.

    If you're gonna buy Cisco gear, throw yourself in the deep end of the pool and learn IOS on the go while deploying a production network you're going to get in trouble.

    Note that Cisco isn't the only brand you can go to - there are quite a number of other router manufacturers who can come up with solutions which are often cheaper and perform better than Cisco gear, but you do get an incredible base of knowledge and superb support if you have a service contract with Cisco. Try making a few phone calls and asking around...
  7. skyrock

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    i'm not serious on CISCO but

    actually i want to learn about cisco products. i don't need to use cisco products in my net. thanks for your reply but i would like more discuss. coz i'm too far behind enterprise level (international standard level). i want to learn these products that uses in large companies & org. i'm from small town.

    anyway, thanks
  8. AAY

    AAY ARP Reviewer

    Well the best way to learn is to find some Cisco gear, set up a simple router lab and experiment. Unfortunately, this is pretty expensive, even if used Cisco gear is pretty cheap in Malaysia (I'm assuming you're in Malaysia). At worst you could probably take a class somewhere and pick things up that way. Other than that, just keep reading...if you don't know networking fundamentals (the OSI model, some basics on routing, etc) then start reading on those. Once you get that, figuring out IOS (or any other network OS) will be a lot easier than starting everything all at once. A pretty nice place to pick a lot of this up is LearnTCPIP™.com.
  9. goldfries


    i find it's pointless to recommend you anything at the moment.

    see, you must have a plan on the layout of your 200 users.

    do they have groups? are the groups to be given different priviledges? what are their requirements? do they just want to go to internet at the same time?

    as you going to implement any QoS / Bandwidth management / Load Balancing and such? what about content filtering?

    are there any servers within the network? or is it just solely for a bunch of users to go online ala cybercafe style?

    and lastly - your budget. :D

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