Hot-flashing attempt gone awry!!

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  1. The_YongGrand

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    I recently flashed my Asus VX97 BIOS, and things went so horrible that the whole system didn't know where on earth is the floppy disk drive. So it just hanged after the system information box after POST.

    I tooked out my another m/b. I yanked out the VX97's BIOS and placed it into the latter. Live and powered with electricity and I have to do that very carefully.

    Unfortunately, crap happened to me.

    The BIOS chip slot's notch was facing north.

    So of course, I placed it with the notch facing north.

    When I entered Uniflash, it didn't respond. Kept on shouting, "Can't read Drive A..." and I just pressed R and R and R....... like a puzzled small kid.... :shock:

    What's the problem? I hear a loud POP! somewhere, but I thought it was the kitchen.

    For sure it was my BIOS started to cook and already blown up. I smell burning copper and silicon.

    I yanked out the chip again and look thoroughly - the actual chip slot's notch WAS PRINTED ON THE PCB of the BOARD!!!! Not on the chip's slot! I should have placed it south!!

    Next time look at the PCB instead of the slot. Heh heh... :D

    Here's the picture:
  2. Donutey

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    wow that's got to suck ... :boohoo:
    never a good thing to smell burning from your computer :shock: :roll:
  3. Adrian Wong

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    Oh wow... You really killed that CMOS chip. :shock:

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