How to deal with someone stealing food?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by juozapasnanda, Dec 8, 2010.

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    I live in the university dormitory. In the beginning of term I left a cake in the fridge and the next day I discovered it had been stolen. Recently, the thieving has intensified. Only last week someone stole my food three times. Some other students have had it even worse. Pizza, fruits, desserts, yoghurt and eggs have vanished from our fridge. What’s more, a cettle and a frying pan have also been stolen from the kitchen. Some senior students said it was the same thing a year ago, and they had no idea whether it was someone from the school or an outsider. This gets everyone annoyed to the max and the atmosphere between students is tense. Can anyone suggest anything that could be done? :wall:
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    LOL!! Why would he do that? Did he eventually point to some website/forum?

    Anyway, in such a situation - get a spycam or set up a CCTV system in the kitchen.
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    In that case, she needs to be honest... does she walk around naked in her room? If not, then she's being paranoid... If she is, well.. how does she know she's being spied on?

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