How To Find Out Folder Size In Windows?

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    For years, all through the lifetime of Windows, determining folder size remains one of the most demanded feature. Windows Vista which was released in January 2007 still left out this particular feature. It is understandable that updating the folder size all the time may impact performance but why not have that as an option which is disabled by default but readily available for user?

    Hence, this has spawned various software be it freeware or shareware for the purpose of 'just' to find out the size of folders in Windows. But which ones are recommended? Read on to find out.

    Here's a quote from the article :-

    Link : How To Find Out Folder Size In Windows?
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    I have always used WinDirStat for this, as it displays a very easy-to-understand graphical representation of where your space went as well as folder sizes.

    WinDirStat - Windows Directory Statistics

    It's truly freeware, as it is published under the GPL.
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    Last time i tried TreeSize it crashed on non standard filenames, which of course happened all the time on non english systems, especially the Japanese ones I was working with at the time.

    WinDirStat is free sourcforge project based on KDirStat, and is far more stable than treesize, the Unicode version has no problems at all on Japanese machines, and I'd imagine the same would go for any other language.

    WinDirStat - Windows Directory Statistics
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    Try Folder Size from MindGems

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