Hypertansport/LTD settings

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  1. whheezzzz

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    Are there any definitions/notions/settings on hypertransporting or also i think reffered to as LTD-lighting data transport.my mother supports different options for this ASUS A8n-VM-CSM
  2. Adrian Wong

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  3. werty316

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    Generally you want to keep teh hypertransport somewhere around 1GHz. It ok if its under or over. Default is 5x.
  4. Errr.... LTD and LDT are the same, right? :doh:
  5. No.7

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    If I am not entirely mistaken it is a bit different on my ASUS A8n32SLI deluxe.

    The HTT multiplier is in the chipset menu. The setting called "K8 to NB frequency" is the HTT Multiplier.

    Settings goes from 1x to 8x.

    But in the same menu there is also a "SB to NB Frequency" option. Which by the name of it is the connection between northbridge and southbridge. Settings also goes from 1x to 8x.

    But as far as I know, the first one, k8 to NB frequency should be the HTT multiplier.


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