I flew an air craft!!!!!

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    I won myself a Valentine's contest from Clive Magazine sponsored by Grey Goose Vodka.

    Yes, I am lucky! ^^v It is definitely a great year to start 2010 already!


    The private home for the small planes.


    Look!It looks really old-school. And the pilot seat is open!

    The interior of the aircraft I took. I flew the way back. (spot the guy in white)


    Some scenery in the middle of sky. The aircraft was only flying underneath the clouds, we could still see the view clearly.

    I only managed to take these few shots as I was already very extremely nauseous and threw up....

    Upon arrival, we were served with Grey Goose Vodka. It's really glam right? Totally superstar kind of thing.

    And guess what? Since everything was meant to be a surprise, we had no idea what was awaiting us..then we were brought to a corner of oil palm estate to have lunch! And let the bugs have lunch as well. (haha)


    The very exquisite settings in the oil palm estate! They have done such a great job that everything was arranged nicely, and they even setup notebook and speakers to play us some songs! I looked a little overdressed here....but I didn't know where was I going.



    The food prepared on the spot, by award winning chef from Tamarind Hill! Imagine the whole crew of them preparing your lunch in the middle of jungle. And food was excellent! The experience was priceless...We were also served with champagne, white wine and red wine. I would have finished everything by my standard. But I was seriously too nauseous to enjoy the wines.


    After lunch, we took the time to walk around that area. There were swamps and lotuses growing. And plenty of lalang! Unfortunately my foot cut by the lalang a little.


    After touring the lalang field, we returned to the landing area. See the private mobile swimming pool?

    At this point of time, I was already mad sweating. And...I actually wasn't too looking forward to return by flight again. LOL. I really wished I could follow the chef's car back to KL. But it was my turn to fly!


    Not much scenery on the way back as it was raining and thundering at some areas. I held the steering REAL tight as I was nervous and imagine small aircraft in the thunder rain.... but the pilot next to me was really experienced. He detoured the plane to a dry zone then only made a turn back to our original route.

    Spot the rainbow in the second picture! Closest rainbow I have ever seen in my life.

    Reaching the Subang airport about 5pm, it ended my most-adventurous day of the year, and probably for the next 2 years. :)
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  2. Adrian Wong

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    OMG! You are so lucky!!!!!

    From your amazing descriptions, you must have had an experience of a lifetime. Imagine flying to a secret location for a lunch prepared by an award-winning chef, and encountering a thunderstorm and a rainbow on the way back! :thumb:

    When is it MY turn??? :twisted:
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    wow good stuff. rainbow shoot is great
  4. Ishtim

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    Beautiful pics and WOW that is cool! You have to love flying in a small plane.:thumb: Thanks for sharing!:clap:

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