Insane design cooler

Discussion in 'Overclocking, Cooling & Modding' started by PowerSlide, Apr 27, 2006.

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  2. Overload

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    That's a pretty sick fan...funny about the power usage...*scratches head* Unfortunately seems like a pain to affix to the board...what a pain. :o
  3. Papercut

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    Sigh, it's really sad when manufacturers can't improve cooling by any methods other than slapping more metal mass onto their heatsinks.
  4. Arctic

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    This is quite true. I often find myself wondering what will come next for the stock cooler in pcs...
  5. ChampionLLY

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    i would say that exaggerated heatsink is a waste of natural resources, lol...

    from the benchmark given, it doesnt perform as good as its looks...
  6. Interesting design, though. But sadly a waste of raw materials... :haha:
  7. PowerSlide

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  8. werty316

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    I read a review about this cooler on another site and thought it was a very weird design. It looks like a old card engine.
  9. sherren

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    The heatsink together with the fan looks like a mini engine to me :wicked: ,
  10. CompactNinja

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    that thing is... well huge.. it could like snap right off the card if you're not careful with it
  11. PowerSlide

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    it wont snap anything but would drive it away :haha:
  12. slugbug

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  13. PsYkHoTiK

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    Thats still nothing compared to the Scythe Ninja at it's featherweight of 815g... :D
  14. PowerSlide

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    815g nth compare to hyper6 which weight like 1kg with fan :whistle:
  15. Papercut

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    Scythe Ninja is 600ish grams without a fan, Big Typhoon is 813g with a fan but Ninja is more balanced whereas BT has most of the weight hanging from the top.

    Don't ask me how I remember all this crap :?
  16. Skip Da Shu

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    Arctic Cooling

    AC Freezer Pro 64

    I've been using these recently. They seem to be biggest bang for the $$ these days. I have two of them and am totally impressed. They cool at about 99% of my big Thermalright air cooler for about 33% of the cost. At 528g w/ 92mm fan, much lighter than I expected and a very nice design (6 year warranty on rubber mounted fan).

    Quote from a Techgage review done when these were still $35.. now $25 at ZipZoomFly:

    There were a lot of nice features about this cooler that can allow me to recommend this to anyone looking for a high performance to price ratio. At only 34.99 at Newegg, you can't go wrong with this cooler. It performs almost as good as the Zalman 9500 and costs half as much as the Zalman does. This is a good cooler and I can recommend this with out reservations to anyone out there who is unsatisfied with their current cooling solution.

    And it out cooled the Zally 7000Cu.

    Or see FrostyTech for a more complete listing of air cooler rankings.

    However I do have one of these AeroCool X-fires on order to see if it'll cool the CPU as well as the AC Frzr 64 and maybe push some air over a close by passive cooled NorthBridge on a BioStar TForce6100.

    Speaking of which...I have some questions on a couple BIOS settings on this mobo. I'd better go get some screen shots first and maybe even check some online version of a book I bought about BIOS settings ;)
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  17. mista_haqeem

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    what a cooler...
    owh my God!

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