Intel Atom & Centrino Atom Technology Report

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    The new Intel Atom processors are rather amazing pieces of technology. These diminutive processors pack a whole lot of punch. They have the performance equivalent to that of the Intel Pentium M, for a fraction of the power consumption.

    With a TDP of only 0.6W to 4W, the Atom processors are ideal for Mobile Internet Devices and Ultra Mobile PCs as the lower power consumption means the devices can deliver longer battery lives. These may not be mainstream mobile processors, but they will certainly have a significant impact on the design of such mobile devices.

    Here's a quote from the report :-

    Link : Intel Atom & Centrino Atom Technology Report
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    Wow.. Sweet.. Benchmarks. But it wouldn't be right for us to just include their benchmarks.
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    that's an impressive benchmark! wow. imagine the same chip underclocked further for devices which needs less processing power, ie very well designed OS/interface... wow!
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    Hmm, why not?
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    plagiarism la

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