Intel Centrino Overclocking Guide Posted!

Discussion in 'Reviews & Articles' started by Dashken, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Nope. Not that I know of. :think:
  2. cabbit

    cabbit Newbie

    Anyone able to clock their Joybook 7k yet?

    Hello, i'm a Joybook 7k user, i only got it 2 month ago( a day before s72 come out..damnit!!) and it is a nice little machine...i have been reading through ur review and i just wondering if u have time to answer some of my questions...

    1: I was reading ur over clocking guide, and someone said about clockgen for BenQ is ICS950810 ...have u able to receive a working copy of clockgen for joybook 7000? if so how much can u over clock?

    2: My joybook, every now and then when i press the power botton to turn it off, it will shut up, however 3 light at the bottom left (wirless,sleep and anotherone) will stay only happens occesionally, and i'm just wondering if u have the same problem or not.

    (I have only recently change from RMclock to centrino hardware control, maybe that could be the cause of the problem?) because i never had this problem before using RMclock....but thought no harm in asking ^^~

    Thank you so much in advance for ur help
  3. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Hello cabbit,

    1. Unfortunately, no, I have not received any ClockGen that would work with the Joybook 7000. If I did, you can be sure I will post the results in an update of this guide. :mrgreen:

    2. Nope. Never had that problem. You might want to have BenQ take a look at it.

    Hope that helps you some! :mrgreen:
  4. highlandsun

    highlandsun Newbie

    Ah, a google for "M6Ne ics pll" found this page
    which gave a good hint. Using CPUcool or CPUfsb from if you select the ICS 952611 PLL it's possible to set the FSB to 120MHz without altering the PCI clock. The numbers in the selector are all wrong, you have to go up to "FSB: 166.7 MHz PCI: 33MHz" and that gets you an FSB of 120.72MHz. (The "Current frequency" field will be correct after you hit Set Frequency.)

    There's a lot more discussion on that page, but I can't read German and the translations aren't that great. But anyway, I'm now overclocked and the audio still works...

    PS: the CPUcool docs mention that the 950810 is not controllable from the SMBus interface, so it may not be possible to write a clockgen program for it.
  5. cabbit

    cabbit Newbie

    Just wondering...which program do u use for ur joybook 7000? centrino hardware control or RMclock? if u use either...what is the voltage u set for each different multiplier?

    Also...i just want to ask u guys..when i run rmclock shows that the startup Voltage/multipler = 6.0x at 0.988V....

    Is there anyway to make it startup at 16x at the notebook can boot up faster?..
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  6. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    I used neither. I did not play with the voltage for each multiplier.

    Regarding startup, to be honest, the CPU speed doesn't really matter much. During boot, the system spends most of its time loading the OS kernel and GUI, initializing the various devices, loading startup apps, etc.

    Besides, if there's a significant load on the processor, the Pentium M processor is immediately ramp it up to 100%. No need to worry about ramping it up right from the start.
  7. Virgil

    Virgil Newbie

    How about IBM´s Thinkpad?

    Hi Folks,

    trying CPU-Z i found the following:

    Pentium M 745 Dothan

    under "Motherboard" it says:

    Processor: i855PM
    Southbridge: 82801DB (ICH-4M)

    I searched ClockGen but couldn´t figure out the propper version for my Thinkpad.

    Can somebody please assist me? THANK YOU! in advance

  8. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    What Thinkpad model is it?

    Unless someone here has a similar Thinkpad and knows which clock generator is used, you cannot know for sure. :think:

    Well, it's still worth a try to test the clock generators out by yourself! :mrgreen:
  9. Virgil

    Virgil Newbie

    Hi Adrian,

    it´s a Thinkpad T42 Model 2373-CXG. I´ve tried the two intels which failed (=frozen system) and i won´t dare to try further as i don´t want to harm my system.

    Hope that somebody found out the correct version which works - otherwise i´ve to live with what i have.

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  10. Firebird86

    Firebird86 Newbie

    Hello I have a dell inspiron 8600c with:
    Pentium-M 755 2GHz
    chipset i855PM
    southbridge 82801DB (ICH4-M)

    I already tried a lot of clockgen versions but none of them worked.
    Here and on another website I read that I need Setfsb for Thinkpad X31 1.4c but on the setFSB website I only find a 1.4d version and that one doesnt work. Does somebody has this version? Or does somebody knows another version or tool?
  11. rangerone

    rangerone Newbie

    sent the 14c clockgen to firebird. let us know if it works for you.

    3111 in pcmark05
  12. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Good luck, Firebird86! :beer:
  13. KakimotoRift

    KakimotoRift Newbie

    I heard that u can change the devider by using WCPUID. Anyone know how, can u please post a guide thanx or some simple tutorial.
  14. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    You can change it downwards... which would be underclocking the processor. Is that what you are looking for? :think:
  15. m8cca

    m8cca Newbie

    I need Setfsb for Thinkpad X31 1.4c

    To try with my T40. Can anyone help?

  16. gdshell

    gdshell Newbie


    hey guys i need help with overclocking i have a dell 8600with a 9600 ati turbo and i need the best overclocked settings could anyone help? my pervious settings are on338 by 243
  17. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Umm... sorry? What were your previous settings? I don't quite get what you wrote.

    In any case, the overclockability of every notebook is different. You have to test your notebook's limits.
  18. KakimotoRift

    KakimotoRift Newbie

    I thought devider supposed to downclock the mem instead of FSB. :think: Devider don't change processor's speed :eh:

    Like I want to have my DDR333 down to DDR266 by changing the deviders.
    I have seen someone posted a guide in this post but I can no longer get into the address he posted, but he said he has the guide of the way for changing the deviders.

    Just wanna know if you can run DDR400memory either a CL3 or CL2.5 DDR400 on a Intel855GM/GME/PM Chipset notebook. I don't mind it dropped speed to DDR333 but that's wat I wanted anyway :mrgreen: for some overclocking purpose.
    But I also have heard that Intel855 series do not run CL3 memories
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  19. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Actually, we were referring to the CPU multiplier. Yeah, divider is the wrong word to use, since it's actually a multiplier. You can't change the RAM divider in Centrino notebooks, well, at least not via software means.

    AFAIK, the memory clock is fixed by the notebook manufacturer. But the BIOS will probably read the SPD and use the appropriate CAS latency. At 333MHz, most DDR400 memory would have a lower CAS latency (i.e. 2) and the BIOS should use that.
  20. rangerone

    rangerone Newbie

    my email keeps not going through

    this works on my dell 8600

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