Intel Xeon Integrated Memory Controller (ICM), management policies.

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  1. portillo

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    I'm curios to know more about the DRAM management policies embedded in an Intel or AMD ICM. I already tried to read the technical Intel 5520 chip-set Data-Sheet but is very cryptic (e.g., API C .- Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller [And that's all the info available])

    From your past experience, is there another way to find more information?

    Do you know if in specific the Row Buffer Management Policy is embedded in the processor chip set?

    I just need someone to point me in the right direction, Thanks!
  2. Adrian Wong

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    Hi portillo,

    The usual row buffer management policy used in desktop chipsets is open-page. Server chipsets, on the other hand, use the closed-page policy because it favours random accesses to different memory rows.

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