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    Since last November I have been watching for the International Space Station (ISS) to transit (eclipse) the moon. Well, Wednesday morning I was able to capture it in a near transit of Jupiter. It was 5:21 in the morning, twilight, birds chirping (turn up sound), and I am standing out on the streetside with my laptop hooked to a webcam that is placed into the eyepiece slot of my 600mm telescope. Focus and brightness settings aren't perfect, but hey... I got it. My goal is to capture a transit of the moon or even sun. :pray:

    *Webcam at 30 fps & 1/100s "shutter" speed with an 80mmx600mm scope on an alt/az tripod (north is up), FOV is 26X23 arcmins.*
    Jupiter is "moving" due to earth's rotation. You should be able to make out the 4 Galilean moons as well, all lined up with Jupiter's equator. According to NASA, the ISS is traveling at 17,500 mi/hr (28163.52 km/hr) :faint: Wheeeeeeeee…...

    I attached a pic of the setup...

    And here is the Movie Link :beer:

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    Wow.. That was FAST!! :shock:
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    That was cool!:clap:
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    Wow, didn't know they travel so fast...

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