Is Malaysia's "Towering" Business Icon Nothing More Than A Freeloader?

Discussion in 'Adrian Wong' started by Adrian Wong, May 7, 2008.

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    In the name of pride, our government not only tried to kickstart Malaysian entrepreneurs (which can be an admirable pursuit) but also tried to short-cut the process by virtually giving them freebies. Take for example, the recently deceased Tan Sri Nasimuddin Amin of Naza Group.

    Naza rose from a single showroom to Malaysia's third domestic car manufacturer with factories and joint-ventures with the likes of Kia and Peugeot. But is he truly the kind of businessman we should emulate? Read this report on his less-than-stellar qualities :

    So, if you THINK you can achieve success by emulating him, you should first ask our government for freebies in the form of APs. Heck, with APs, why even bother to work? You can just sit at home and hand out 2-3 APs a month. With our government's help, you can be set for life without lifting so much more than your hand (when you hand over the AP and take money for it).

    All you need to do is agree to be called a "towering" entrepreneur and be used by the government as an example of how clever we truly are. Where do I sign up? :shifty: :shifty:

    Don't believe me how easy it is to become one of these "towering" entrepreneurs? Then let Raja Petra Kamarudin open your eyes....

    IMHO making it big in life is not about taking handouts. It's about building something from nothing more than passion, drive and hard work. What's so "towering" about building up a company with millions of dollars of free money? Heck, anyone can do that. With that kind of money, you can hire the best in the business and reap the benefits without even turning on a single brain cell.

    I may be rich and I may not ever become any kind of "towering" Malaysian but at least I know that I can truly be proud of whatever I accomplish in life because they are truly MY OWN ACHIEVEMENTS.

    I don't know how Nasimuddin can face his parents, his wife or his children everyday knowing that his achievements were a sham. I know I couldn't have done it. I would have felt like a thief, stealing credit for what I have not done.
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    All-round Doubts About MAS' Success

    MAS' reputation has reached such a low level that even our Honourable Members of Parliament have openly expressed doubts about the 'profits' recorded by the national carrier. Some have even urged the government to be more transparent about the airline's profit. What a turn of fortunes for a one-time trailblazing superstar of an airline for whom even the sky was not the limit.

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