Is Microsoft about to release a Windows "kill switch"?

Discussion in 'News' started by fyire, Jul 1, 2006.

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    Feedback from Slashdot:
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    You always have options. nobody needs to be pinned down under microsoft's thumb and bullied by their "new and improved" ideas. :wall:
    i have windows 2000 on my home pc and windows xp-home running on my laptop. but along side my windows installations i run linux as a dual boot setup on both machines. i bought windows 2000 before xp came out to rid myself of win98 and all the instability and problems it offered. win xp came with my laptop i bought a year ago.
    i went linux as my primary os in 2001 when the internet became too unsafe to surf from within a windows environment. linux today has become equal if not superior to any version of windows, in every way. my current love is fedora core 5. this is by far the easiest to use, most powerful, and the most stable os i have ever run. i have a clean and powerful gui desktop to compute from. all the software i need to do everything, and no backdoors on my system. my windows installations are used mostly for rpg gaming and a few programs, like autocad, that won't work under linux. i use default windows installs without and upgrading or service patches, and they never get to see the internet or any spyware or trojan horse backdoors installed by microsoft. who in their right mind wants that? :nuts:
    Linux offers much better security for internet surfing and email that you cannot get from any windows install. it also offers exceptional stability and full multimedia capabilities.
    I highly recommend anyone frustrated by microsoft to give linux a good close look. i can even run windows software like quicken, msoffice, and photoshop from within linux using codeweavers crossover office.
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    That's an interesting read. Will be great if you can give more info on your background, what sort of software that you use for different purposes and how you gradually moved away from Windows, basically stuff to expect, stuff not to expect, problems to look out for and so on.

    More info on your experiences with Wine will be great too. Never knew that its able to run Photoshop until you had mentioned it.

    Although I got to say, for some reason I cant stand Fedora (RPM dependancies can be such a big big pain). I'm a *BSD user :p

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