is this temperature normal?

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  1. goldfries


    CPU S754 A64 2800+ OCed to 2.6ghz on stock cooler.

    Room temperature - set to 21c on air-con controller
    GPU temperature - 39c
    System tempterature
    - by Board - 30c
    - by GPU - 38c

    CPU vcore - 1.6
    CPU temp - 63.5c on load, 46c on idle.

    is this temperature normal?

    oh what about the temps for default vcore and other settings?

    CPU vcore - 1.5
    CPU temp - 53c on load, 42c on idle.

    doesn't that seem a bit high for default vcore in an air-conditioned room?

    note - i've just re-applied AS5. (btw too much AS5 nearly killed my A64 :p a bunch of bent pins)
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  2. goldfries


    ok. well forget it. done some research and the temp seems normal, since sempron on the same setup works really cool.

    now running ~2.5ghz at default vcore instead. :)
  3. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    LOL, why are you so worried about the temperature? I'm more worried about the system crashing!

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