Jetart JACSH1 Graphics Card Cooler Review Posted!

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    Everyone has heard of Zalman and Arctic Cooling graphics card coolers but Jetart is relatively unknown in this market. However, they may have a potential winner in their new JACSH1 graphics card cooler!

    Don't ask us about the name - we really have no idea why they named it JACSH1. But we know how well it performs! Check out the review and find out just how good this cooler is!


    Link : Jetart JACSH1 Graphics Card Cooler Review!
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    How about useful data considering the excessive loudness and a total absence of a dB value. Citing a rpm like that is supposed to provide some meaningful reference to loudness is a disservice (fans can easily range 500 to 5k rpm, but the 15 to 50 dB is what matters noisewise.) If you are going to compalin about the loudness than back that up with facts instead of some nebulous rpm reference. Possible one can replace that fan with a quiter fan.
    Fans we want to know how well it cools, how noisy it is, how much it weighs & it's cost.
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