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  1. I Recently Upgraded To An ABIT UL8 Motherboard, And While Going Through The BIOS I Found A Number Of Things That I'm Not Familiar With From Previous BIOS Experiences, Google Failed Me For The First Time When Trying To Find Information On The Terms, And I'm Hoping Someone Here Will Be Able To Help Me.

    Here's A List Of Terms I'm Unfamiliar With:

    M1689 Gated Clock
    PCI/14M/USB CLK Powerdown Or PCI/14H/USB CLK Powerdown — The Manual Lists Both In Contradictory Fashion
    M1689 HTT Tristsate

    Now, I Know These Are Rather Particular, Specifically To My Board, But If Anyone Has Any Ides, Please Let Me Know.

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  3. Ooops...

    My Bad. I'd Do That.
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    No problem, Cortes! :beer:

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