Malaysia's Elections 2008 (Before, During & After)

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Dashken, Feb 13, 2008.

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    One of the most unfortunate things to me is that even in the era of 105+ USD oil, Keadilan's manifesto was too populist.

    I certainly hope that their manifesto in the next elections takes heed of this fact and accept that we have to start transitioning to a market based system, else we'll have a massive shock in store for all of us in a few years.

    Otherwise, I'm looking forward to their pledge of local council elections, if it's under the State Government's purview. Finally my local councillors, the ones that are supposed to clean my longkang for me will be directly responsible to the local people.

    EDIT: I just stumbled upon this......shocking to say the least:

    The Malaysian Bar - Zakaria Deros of 'istana infamy' dies

    Although I doubt many Malaysians will miss him, let's respect the dead alright?
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    The Istana guy, breaking news enough for you guys? :mrgreen:
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    Ok.. the man is dead!.. Buddies and friends here..lets not gloat about it. Its perhaps the will of ALLAH!. There's a beginning, There's an end!. Thank you.
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    i think its karma :| :| :| :|
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    That news was for jasperchc who wanted breaking news. I'm not gloating. I don't know why, but it seems that 'gloat' statement was towards me? :think:

    Well, I don't care anyway, I'm just posting updates.

    On second thought, I think I'll stop posting updates here. Adrian, your turn...
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    he's not in politics anymore right? so that kinda doesnt count :haha:
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    it may sound funny, but i'm kinda serious here, maybe he has a hard time thinking where to put all his family members once the house is demolished by the new govt ( i mean if it does happen), that's why he had a sudden heart attack...
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    Its quite amazing that for the first time too, the rakyat are just as alert watching the aftermath of a GE. People are watching, people are talking, people are assuming, people are speculating all sorts. The fever really ain't over quiet yet.
    The mainstream media are still spinning a somewhat negative perspective of opposition held states being in a quandary in the aftermath. One could speculate BN to using all this spin to hit back. I'm really hoping there's a coalition very soon and they get down to serious work fuflilling their promises and pledges. Meanwhile, rakyat who have voted wisely, lets be behind and give them generous moral support to our new 1/3 majority, regardless DAP/PKR/PAS!. Just bear in mind, 50 years of shi*t cannot be removed in one-fifth the time.
    I'm hoping that Dewan Rakyat would be telecast live in future. It'll be interesting. I don't have to puke over those flers who "bocor" or "Kalau tak suka, boleh ....."
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    Change will take time, especially since there are legal issues to overcome as well since most of the corrupted deals are also legally binding contracts. Give them a year or two. So it's important not to just judge the "opposition" government superficially but to judge them by how to go about tackling the rakyat issues.
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  17. Adrian Wong

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    Regarding Zakaria, I know some may not agree with me, but I personally feel he deserved it.

    Not dying... oh, no, no... but dying AFTER his daughter-in-law proxy failed in the elections. In other words, he died knowing that for all the hanky-panky deals he made behind the scenes, he still failed to retain power.

    He may have chuckled at our lack of power, but I think we still got the last laugh. ;)

    Sayonara, Zakaria.. and good riddance!
  18. Adrian Wong

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    Personally, I think the Opposition has a really tough job ahead. They will be short on cash as the federal government will attempt to cut down on the funds made available to them.

    Plus, with the BN federal government "owning" more than 50% of the Parliament seats, they can easily pass most laws even if the Opposition protests.

    However, I think we can count on the Opposition to do their best at the State level.. and make even more noise in Parliament. Even if they cannot stop BN from passing bad laws, they can at least make the mistakes more apparent to the people. :thumb:
  19. Adrian Wong

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    Go! Go! Opposition!!! :thumb: :thumb:

  20. Adrian Wong

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    Patrick Lim is so SCREWED. He's now scrambling to court Lim Guan Eng so that his PGCC project is not canned. I hope it is... It's ridiculous for him to trash that beautiful place just to build his high-rise towers and condos. :hand:

    I hope Guan Eng doesn't fall for his wily tricks. DYKT : He sent a giant bouquet of flowers to KOMTAR where Guan Eng was making his first tour of the place as Chief Minister? Suck up! Why don't you go suck up to your pal, Khairy now? :mad:

    Yang Berhormat Lim Guan Eng, please live up to your election promise and can the PGCC project! :pray: :pray:

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