Marauder's SystemDotNet AKA Carputer Project!

Discussion in 'Reviews & Articles' started by Chai, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. Chai

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    I received this email from David. Hope it can help you, marauderz!

  2. marauderz

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    That's why I'm designing the system so it can be easily removed, I'd usually put it in only when I'm going in on interstate trips.

    Great suggestion.. any idea WHAT type of capacitor I should get? Maximum current draw is 12VDC at 29.7A .

    Whoa... lots of power info. But right now I've figured out that I have a heat problem as well... so first I'm gonna solve the heat problem.
  3. Sithael

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  4. marauderz

    marauderz Newbie

    FULAMAK!!! USD99 for the capacitors... well.. I was looking for some cheaper solution...
  5. sumurai

    sumurai Newbie

    wow, really interesting indeed. But isn't this the same as putting a laptop into a car and power it by the car's power supply?
  6. elton

    elton WhAtSuPdOc

    So until now have to implement the shock system I am very curious about tat... HOw to make the HDD work fine in a moving car condition... :lol:
  7. sumurai

    sumurai Newbie

    and cdrom, unless the car is really smooth, the cdrom need to be like the cdplayer made for the car that has anti skip.
  8. peaz

    peaz ARP Webmaster Staff Member

    for the cdrom problem... well, if u have a lot of HD space... then u can always get those 'virtual CD-ROM' apps :D then everything would run on the hdd.
  9. elton

    elton WhAtSuPdOc

    Yaya that is what i waiting 4 hehheee 8)
  10. solocon

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    Ok people, This is my first post on this forum. I HAVE DONT THIS AND GOT IT TO WORK! I have not done a web page for the fact its nothing big to me. Something I just wanted to do. This is how it all started for me....

    I got a Pioneer AVM p 9000 "master main brain" with the indash 7" screen with a 6 disk DVD plyer as well as the nav system (about $8000.00 when car tv screens first came out) You can get them MUCH cheaper now.

    Anyhow, I record MUSIC VIDEOS. I use to burn them to DVD'S (take a long time to do) Then play them in my DVD player in the car. Yes people "trip out" when your @ a red light watching music videos/blasting the music. Anyhow, I had a major problem.... My DVDS would mess up after a while. (Scratched/cracked/broke ect...)

    My fix? A computer in the car. I will do a web site/pics if anyone wants toi see them. My set up is soething like this....

    From the battery, line into some sort of multi plug for power (*forgot what you call them) YES I DID THIS ALL MYSELF!!!

    them from the "multi power plug" one power lead into my "CAP" (so I dont drain the cars battery) then from my "CAP" into my power converter (700 watt tho) them from the power converter, onto my pc. I use my "video out" on my Video Card to my "master main brain" (AVM-P 9000) that does the video signal. (what hes doing here with HIS set up will work as well) Them I use my sound cards sound out into my "preamp"

    Works like a charm. I use a WIRELESS mouse/keyboard as my "access point" to the computer that in the trunk. Now, onto the powering it on/powering it off. I run the switch from the POWER CONVERTER as well as the COMPUTER'S power button upfront to were the driver is. The computer stays on if I turn off the car. So I just shut down windows with my wireless mouse and I hit the "power button" right infront of me.

    The pros of all this......

    --Makes a lot of people heads turn!

    --You can FINE TUNE a computers sound a lot better then ANY car system with the right software.

    --No cd's to look for

    --Bragging rights!

    --lots of others

    Cons of all this

    --You better be good with a mouse while driving!

    --Not much "FAST FOOD" with this setup.. Mouse in one hand, stereo remote in the other, Big mac on your lap, and the WHEEL in your mouth?

    --Your friends want to drive your car all the time. Makes them feel "cool"

    Now, about the 2 problems people asked about...

    1) How does it affect the cars battery?

    Well, I have had my set up like this for about a YEAR AND A HALF! I have NOT had a dead battery yet!

    2) What about the HD? When you go over bumps?

    Same here, I have NOT had an issue with my HD as of yet! No bad secters, lost data or anything. (I keep a backup of all my data tho) I have a 60 gig HD installed and NO problems as of yet!

    Also, I ended up putting a "wireless network card" into the system so updating is not so hard. (adding files and such) The computer stays in the car at all times!

    If anyone has questions or want to see pics, EMAIL me @ [email protected]

    Thanks and I hope this helps a little!
  11. elton

    elton WhAtSuPdOc

    Nice one... i will mail you to know more about it...
  12. solocon

    solocon Newbie

    Hello again, I have a few different people email me about some pics. I have a few and more to follow. I am in the works of putting a web site up about all this after seeing this forum and the amount of people wanting to give it a try.

    I took some pic of the computer but the pics are about 750kb each. I know this is a little TOO big to post for most people. Thats why I am here again :)

    Anyone give me a link or some info on how to change the file size? If anyone wants the pics as is, just email me.

    This first set of pics shows the cpmputer insides. (For the people who wanted to see how the HD was sitting) I did nothing to the setup of it all, its just how the case is made.

    Agaion, if someone could give me a link or some advice about how to reduce the size of the pics, I will but them up on a site. Thanks again.
  13. elton

    elton WhAtSuPdOc

    How about using photoshop to decrease the quality... then the size will be smaller...
  14. marauderz

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  15. elton

    elton WhAtSuPdOc

    A nice one i will have a try also..
  16. solocon

    solocon Newbie

    me again....

    Hello everyone, its me again. I just started the web site and am about to go live with it. I wanted to give this stie some credit. Who do I need to talk to about this and how can I reach him or her? the site is still W.I.P. but it gives a basic overview. thanks to anyone who can help with this matter.
  17. marauderz

    marauderz Newbie

    Err.. why would you need to talk to people to give them credit? I think it should be ok if you wanna put stuff like inspired by Rojakpot
  18. solocon

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    just wanted ok it first, was also thinking about linking to his article about the "carputer project"
  19. marauderz

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    linking is fine ie :-
    <a href="">Carputer Link</a>

    Stealing images is NOT fine ie :-
    <img src="">

    Cause that's stealing bandwidth.
  20. solocon

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    My web site is up, this is still in the works. I will be getting a TRUE server soon with a forum. I hope to hear from you all about what you think. Any questions, fell free to ask.

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