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Discussion in 'Chai' started by Chai, Jan 17, 2017.

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    Not a review that you would expect from a tech site, but what the heck!

    I have reviewed the predecessor Pilot Sport 3 many years ago, and finally the true replacement for Pilot Sport series is out! Many claimed that Pilot Sport 3 was meant to replace Pilot Preceda/Pilot Exalto series, and it wasn't a true Pilot Sport 2 replacement. I have not used any of those tyres before, so I can't make any comparison.

    Pilot Sport 4 is completely different from Pilot Sport 3 (claimed by Michelin), and closely based on the high performance street tyre Pilot Super Sport which was only available from 18" and above. Unlike Pilot Sport 3, there's no Pilot Sport 4 made for 15" wheels, and only 2 sizes made for 16". Even the 16" sizes were made exclusively for the ASEAN market as only 17" and above is available in other markets. Made in Thailand PS4 have "ST" label on the sidewall, which uses harder compound using different manufacturing process compared to the European counterpart.


    Aesthetically, even with the Michelin Premium Touch Technology, the sidewall design doesn't really look aggressive, and with its relatively small shoulder blocks, it doesn't look all too different from their budget lineup XM2 tyres. The shoulder blocks have different sizes around the tyres without a consistent pattern, which is unusual, but it seems that most Michelins are using this design across the range. The rim protector is also very shallow on mine, but since it's a relatively high profile tyre, I guess kerbing is not really an issue unless I'm kerbing it on purpose. :mrgreen: The tread pattern is asymmetrical like all other high performance Michelin.

    DSC_0799.JPG DSC_0800.JPG DSC_0802.JPG

    I was using another set of tyres below this, Yokohama Advan Neova AD08R, which is a track-able street tyre. They are not direct competitors, but it would be interesting for keen enthusiast to stay with more street friendly tyres like PS4 or AD08R which is pretty close to semi slicks.

    In terms of grip, it has more than you will ever need without breaking the law. :mrgreen: In the dry, the grip level is unbelievably close to the AD08R which is supposed to be on a different level. However, I managed to lock my front brakes on a few occasions. Without hard facts to make comparisons, I would say it has about 90% of the grip of AD08R in the dry. I did not have the opportunity to test the adhesion in the wets, but hydroplaning is way ahead of AD08R during heavy downpour. It will also screech a lot more than AD08R at the limit. I'm testing on 205/55/16, so other sizes may differ in grip and sidewall stiffness.


    The NVH is also much better than AD08R which is expected. The sidewall is noticeably softer, however it doesn't skip over small bumps, which helps to maintain road contact over bridge gaps, minor undulation. This is important for street as the roads are usually not flat, but less critical on track or smoother road. There's also a lot more tramlining on AD08R which is absent on PS4. However, when performing hard cornering, sidewall flex can be felt, not even higher tyre pressure can help to reduce that. The steering response is not bad, but AD08R still has an edge.

    If you are after nothing but dry performance and handling, you should take a look at AD08R thanks to its softer compound and stiffer sidewall, wear rate is also much higher at just 26K km compare to the 40K+ KM on PS4 based on my previous PS3. Both have treadwear rating of 320.


    Pilot Sport 4 is a pretty impressive tyre, and it's still affordable (at smaller sizes), and quiet. It is definitely a much better street tyre than AD08R. It has good overall performance without much sacrifice on comfort, grip and hydroplaning.
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    I'm running snow tires, But since I bought them there hasn't been very much snow. For the last year and a half....:think:
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    Something that we never have a chance to use...we use summer tires all year round...

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    Do cars even have heaters/defrosters there?
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    Heaters nope. Unless it is an imported car. We usually have defrosters on the rear glass, not the windscreen.
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    A life with no cold or snowy weather... vs always needing aircon...:think:
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    Definitely more interesting to have 4 seasons, but you will get bored pretty soon. :haha:

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    Treads look pretty close to the PSS. Shoulder doesn't look as square. Any reason why you went from the Advans to the PS4? Something quieter?

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  9. Chai

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    The real PSS replacement would be the new PS4S.

    AD08 is pretty fast wearing, and the ride is a bit harsh, and the stiff sidewall is affecting the handling on uneven road at the rear since Ford focus is pretty light at the rear, lifting of the ground happened pretty regularly. I think it's a better track tyre or if roads around your area is smooth.

    Noise is not bothering me though, and it's not too bad.

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