Microsoft Windows Vista Final Review!

Discussion in 'Reviews & Articles' started by Dashken, Dec 11, 2006.

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    I heard that when you change any hardware in a Vista PC, you gotta re-activate again and then reauthenticate back, is it right? Then how about those folks who keep on upgrading the PC, especially the RAM and the GFX card? :D
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    Regarding OEM licence: I've been snooping around MS' site to find out more about the limitations.

    Here's what I found in the System Builders License:
    That settles the rules for selling/buying the license.

    On the other hand: The FAQ clearly states that you're not allowed to transfer the (OEM) license form one computer to another, but it does not mention upgrading of the computer (including motherboard and CPU replacement).

    The sticker with the license key is supposed to be attached to the computer case, so I suppose they can't argue against that as long as you keep the case it's the same computer...

    Windows XP (Re-)Activation

    About a year ago I found a webpage where the (re-)activation process for XP was described in some detail. It's a point system, where all components of the computer are given points based on their importance. The time passed since last activation also matters, where more time is better.
    - You can change a few points without having to reactivate the license. (Add another HDD or change the amount of RAM, for example.)
    - If you change some more points it's sufficient to do the simple on-line activation.
    - If you change many points at once you have to call MS to get a reactivation code, unless it's more than 180 days since last activation.

    That last paragraph saved me from phoning MS last time I did a major upgrade to my system, and will probably do it again next week...

  3. zy

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    or as long as you keep the same case ? :haha:

    SAMSAMHA Newbie

    does that mean if you call in to MS, it will not help you to activate again like the retail version?
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    Windows Activation Issues

    Hi everyone,

    I see a lot of discussion on the activation issues with regards to XP and Vista. Here's my experience with it.

    All our office PCs come equipped with genuine XP licenses. However, during the years, XP has become very vunerable to viruses, worms and other security related issues. Therefore, reformatting our PC is quite natural after a virus/worm attack. I have managed to activate all the PCs numerous times (at most 3 times). One of the PC however had an online activation issue.

    All I did was to call up the number on the screen, tried to offline activation and when it didn't work, I had the option to speak to a Microsoft representative. I did, told him the generated key on the screen and I told him it was an OEM license. He didn't asked much and gave me an activation key which I had to key in manually. XP activated immediately. It was as simple as that.

    The thing about most XP CDs sold in the black market is that the CD Key used are mostly corporate volume license keys. As of VLK 1.0, these license keys does not require online activation. Microsoft has since, blacklisted many of these keys. Therefore, they would be able to tell if you installed using one of these keys be it through online activation or offline activation. So, I suggest not calling Microsoft unless you genuinely have a valid license key.
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    You do not have to reactivate everytime you add/remove RAM or change a Graphic card. Windows Vista will only require re-activation if key components such as the mainboard, hard disk or CPU is changed. This is because Windows Vista will treat it as a new system. For mainstream users, this is not going to be a problem.

    It would however be a little hassle for hardcore gamers/overclockers to call Microsoft up to get a new activation code after they have exceeded the number of online activation allowed per system. Bottom line is, genuine Vista users will always be entitled to an unlimited number of activation.
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    Hi there,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    First of all, the copy of Nero I'm using is the one that came bundled with the DVD drives. I'm sure a lot of people are using similar software. I have tested the same software in Beta 2, RC1, RC2 and even RTM. It is incompatible. It is true that software will eventually be updated to support Vista. Some works flawlessly without an update. Nero isn't one of them. You have to somehow purchase the latest version or wait till an update is available.

    I'm sure different systems will generate different results for different people. That's why I stated down the machines I used for installing Vista. I did a lot of search in the forums as well and a lot of users are still complaining that the nVidia RC2 drivers is still in its infancy stage. Games definitely do not perform as well as it does on an XP system but I'm sure the figures are closing in even as I'm typing this now. I'm using the leaked nVidia RTM drivers (built on 21/11/06) and with a FX5200, I couldn't run full screen properly. On a similar setup on Windows XP, movies plays fluidly. I attribute this as a driver problem. I'm sure nVidia will come out with something spectacular by January 30, 2007.

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