Mobility X700 critical problems

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards & Displays' started by martypastor, Aug 18, 2012.

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    Whenever I play games on my SAMSUNG X20 (with an ATI Mobility Radeon X700) (GPU:351 MEM: 331 all @ stock) the display suddently goes blank when it starts to render 3D images on the game. Ive been trying to underclock it (GPU and MEM using popular overclocking software) under powerplay's high performance mode (since when I put it in balanced, the laptop halts) but still, it sticks to the stock clocks, but when the mode is in balanced, everything's fine, but the framerate of the game is too slow. I have been alleviating the GPU by putting more thermal paste onto the heatsink and the copper plate of the GPU with no luck. :cry:

    Is there any way to finish this problem once and for all, without affecting the full power of the card? Thanks!
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  2. Adrian Wong

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    Did you update to the latest driver? AMD does not provide their own drivers for notebook users, so you will have to check Samsung's website for updated drivers. They may be really slow in coming up with updates.

    If you updated the driver and it still happens, then it is possible that the cooler may not be attached to the GPU properly. Is the notebook still under warranty? If it is, I would recommend you send it in for a look-see. It could be nothing more than a loosely attached heatsink.
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    Found the drivers, and using them right now.

    When I did disassembled my laptop, the cooling system for the GPU and the CPU is combined, what's worse, it ends up to the fan only, without some heatsinks,

    No loose heatsinks though, The laptop is not covered by the warranty anymore... I already send it for a look-see and they recommend me to reduce playing games on my laptop. Also, they fixed it for some reason (since the problem was much worse than now)

    Since the problem remains (instant shutdown of the display) I disassembled it, and found out that the Mobility Radeon has a heat spreader, and inside, the thermal paste had already been solidified, some of them sticking to the RAM chips and also on the die. :shock:

    I did managed to fix it though, by putting thermal paste again between the chips and the heat spreader, and also in between the heat spreader of the laptop. But the problem still remains. :evil:

    So, what I did, is to reheat the GPU and its back (the laptop's Mainboard) with a hair dryer, for just under 5 mins, and oh yes, the problem is fixed. My laptop can play games again normal clocks (350/331) :dance:
  4. Adrian Wong

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    That's great news! :D

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