modding wifi to use a satalite?

Discussion in 'Overclocking, Cooling & Modding' started by fnord, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. fnord

    fnord Newbie

    is it possible to connect a high power WLAN USB adapter to a satelite dish?
  2. empire23

    empire23 BRB. Attacking Russia

    Yeap, all you really need is to place the dongle at the focal point of the dish. Or you could mod the USB dongle's antenna by soldering it into wires and then into the SNA or Coaxial connector of the dish.
  3. fnord

    fnord Newbie

    how would this be diffrent then useing a soup can for a homemade wifi antennae?what i mean is how would the shape/coating of the sattalite effect the direction of the wifi signal?
  4. fnord

    fnord Newbie


    Do you have anymore information for mods on the USB dongles antenna? Maybe what kind would be best suited on moding.
  5. karhoe

    karhoe Newbie

    Where do you plan to beam your wifi signal to? Measat 3 ?

    AFAIK, a satelite is supposed to beam signal in one direction
  6. fnord

    fnord Newbie

    so say the satalite was mounted on a omni-directinal tripod,that way you can point it in a certain direction right?would this signal go thru buildings or would they interfere?

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