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    Hello everyone!

    How are you all doing? Hope you are having a great time today. To all Muslims, Selamat Hari Raya again and a great day with your family and friends! :)

    Now, back to topic... I think I'll need to clarify the posting situation of the BIOS Optimization Guide.

    It's evident that not everyone read what I wrote about the new BIOS Optimization Guide Rev. 7 on December 2nd. I'm still getting e-mails about why there are so few BIOS options in the guide and why wasn't "xxx" BIOS option covered in the guide. Heheh.. Well, I'll just explain again. ;)

    First of all, we did NOT post the entire BIOS Optimization Guide Rev. 7. And with good reason too. As it is, just the first and second parts (44 options in total) have already made the site unaccessible.

    The sheer volume of traffic created a situation where all of the 500 concurrent IIS connections that we were limited to were constantly used up. This caused everyone to get the infamous "HTTP 403.9 : Too many users are connected" error page. Of course, now that we managed to get unlimited IIS connections from our host, you shouldn't be getting that error page anymore.

    However, it's still not possible for us to release the entire BIOS Optimization Guide at once. Since we launched on the 1st of December until the 5th of December, we have already used up over 20GB of bandwidth! Imagine what would have happened if we actually released the guide in its entirety?

    There are 143 BIOS options in the new Revision 7 guide and if we extrapolate the bandwidth usage data, we could have been looking at a bandwidth usage of 65GB for the first 5 days of December! And for the whole month of December, we could be looking at anywhere from 150GB to 390GB (worst case) of bandwidth.

    Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to pay for so much bandwidth. That's why we had to gradually release the guide. That will help bring down the costs to a more manageable level. Unless of course, one of you don't mind picking up our bandwidth tab! :)

    Until then, we will release the guide in 7 parts. Seven parts for Revision 7. Nice ring, don't you think? Hehe... There will be 22 BIOS options in each of the first 6 parts and then just 11 BIOS options in the last part. I hope you all will understand our situation and bear with us.

    So, now that you know, there's really no need to e-mail us about "missing BIOS options" or "the limited number of BIOS options covered in the guide". Hehe... If there are any questions, please try posting in the forums. I don't mind receiving e-mails but the sheer volume of e-mails I get everyday may mean that I won't have the time to write back to you quite so soon.

    In the forums however, the entire Team ARP will be available to help you out. Also, posting your queries there allows other visitors to read about it and participate as well. You will find that it's easier and faster to get feedback in the forums. So, come on over and join our little community! :)

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