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Discussion in 'Adrian Wong' started by Adrian Wong, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. AAY

    AAY ARP Reviewer

    Congratulations on the house!

    You know when I first saw the pics I was about to swear that it cost way more than RM220k :).

    About the network cable you put in...did you run them in parallel with the power cables? You might be looking at some reliability issues if you did...
  2. Fat`Albert

    Fat`Albert Newbie

    congrats on the house, looks great!

    all you need now is an aquarium... i can help you with that ;)
  3. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Dang.. I did. I didn't know it would cause reliability issues... Would it?? :think:

    I haven't tested it out. Will do so when I move my computers in.
  4. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Thanks! One thing at a time! :dance:

    I'm going over budget at this rate. I'm definitely going to stop buying anymore stuff for the moment... :shifty:
  5. wodenus

    wodenus Banned

    Yeah.. makes you wonder why every house is full, and we're running out of space to build doesn't it ? I mean.. "not many can afford to purchase a house".. so I guess you think the housing boom is not caused by demand. In which case I have to congratulate you, because you've just found a reason why there's a housing boom, houses are all occupied, we're running out of space to build, and yet "not many can afford to purchase a house." LOL. :)
  6. GarPhreak

    GarPhreak Newbie

    Looks like he's back... :roll: :lol:
  7. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Well, there is a housing boom, I think. Lots of projects coming up, even here in Melaka.

    However, I must say that while most new projects quickly sell out here in Melaka, there are many Bumiputra-only projects that do not seem to have many buyers. This is surprising since houses built on Malay land are much cheaper. For example, a house like mine built on Malay land should cost about RM 130-150K (USD 34-49K).

    When I asked a developer about this, he told me that apparently, many Malays still prefer to stay in kampung houses. So, there are many houses here for sale.. but only to Bumiputras.

    This is probably a unique situation in Melaka since there is quite a lot of land that is reserved only for Bumiputras. Housing estates open to non-Bumiputras generally sell-out pretty quickly. So, you can say that there's an imbalance in supply and demand.

  8. You guys have it made external conduit is so easy, when I ran my lines I had to drill through plaster, plater board and route wires through walls with coathangers :wall:
  9. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Yeah, external conduits are easy. :mrgreen:
  10. AAY

    AAY ARP Reviewer

    Network lines in parallel with power lines = bad (usually!).

    Of course there are many people who setup their networks breaking all the rules and still get reliable, decent transfers so try it out and see how it works!

    Well yes, but at least you can have your wires nicely hidden behind the walls :). If Adrian was to try to conceal his wires in-wall, it would involve hacking into the walls, then plastering and repainting them! Even though the cost of labour in Malaysia is very much cheaper than it is in the US, this would cost a lot...not to mention the hassle, dust and noise. No fun.
  11. With the new Flatwire technology, you can run electrical, audio, speakers, DATA and video along the wall, then paint over it :shock: I saw it on the HGTV show "I Want That"

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  12. PsYkHoTiK

    PsYkHoTiK Admin nerd

    Wow. THose are neat...
  13. You should see some of the stuff they have on that show :shock: I truely say "I Want That" a few times durring that show.
  14. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Yeah, I will have to try it out ASAP. Thankfully, there's only ONE power cable running through the same conduit. And it's a double-wrapped cable. Hopefully, that helps... :shifty:

    Yeah, hacking into the walls would involve a lot of effort and cost a lot more. I just don't have the time and money to do it. As it is, just adding a few extra power points, installing the lights and fans, etc. cost me over RM 1000 (USD 263). :wall:
  15. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Woah!! I want THAT!! :shock: :thumb:
  16. digitalvoice

    digitalvoice Newbie

    I want that too! :shock: :shock:

    Is it expensive? :think:
  17. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    It looks cheap but I'll bet it's expensive. :shifty:
  18. Just checked it's not available until later this year, and yes it's gonna be expensive :(
  19. peaz

    peaz ARP Webmaster Staff Member

    Errrrr, well you can always strip your wires and lay them flat also what... there's really nothing too special about this 'technology'... I myself have a 'flat' retractable LAN cable that I carry around in my laptop bag... of course it's not as flat as the ones in the pics. But still it's nice and flat... :p hahaha
  20. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Here are pictures of the new furniture I added. :mrgreen:

    Picture 1 : The sofa set with a Japanese style coffee table and side table. I will also put a console table behind the sofa set for my notebook. :wicked:

    Picture 2 : I put a chest of 6 drawers at the end of the dining hall.

    Picture 3 : Here's the telephone stand and a long bench. I intend to put a cloth partition behind both of them. The display cabinet will then be placed behind the partition. :think:

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