My watercooling setup refresh

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    Here's a photo of the Barrow AM4 waterblock with 5V RGB Light. This block is really affordable, but the quality is still top notch.

    DSC_8056.JPG DSC_8048.JPG DSC_8049.JPG DSC_8051.JPG DSC_8052.JPG DSC_8055.JPG DSC_8050.JPG
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    But RGB lighting is not my kind of thing, so I took it out.

    DSC_8097.JPG DSC_8098.JPG
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    This is a shot of the old Swiftech radiator, if you look closely, you can see there's a lot of corrosion on the first row.


    Here's a comparison shot of the new Bykski 28mm thick 360mm radiator. It's slimmer than the old Swiftech, which is perfect for me since I have limited room. I added a 45deg fitting on the outlet to fit my case better.

    DSC_8104.JPG DSC_8103.JPG DSC_8105.JPG
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    Here's a few shots of the Ryzen 1800X + GTX 1070 setup before switching to watercooling again. I was doing water leak test before actually mounting onto the system.

    DSC_8107.JPG DSC_8106.JPG

    Here's some shots of the GTX lighting, it looks pretty good, but that has to go too.

    DSC_8109.JPG DSC_8113.JPG

    Here's a few shots of naked GTX 1070 with GP104 chip.

    DSC_8115.JPG DSC_8114.JPG

    Finally, I installed the old Swiftech MCW60 on the GTX 1070. Now the load temperature has dropped from 83C to just 50C at load. It was thermal throttling at stock speed. The stock cooler is really poor. I added some Siwftech HydrX which is basically radiator coolant (anti-freeze).

    DSC_8118.JPG DSC_8119.JPG

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