NBC’s grim tale of sexual slavery in Penang

Discussion in 'Dashken' started by Dashken, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. Dashken

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  2. zy

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    hah, serves malaysia right to be blacklissted. thanks to curropted personals who are horny & money minded.
  3. Adrian Wong

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    Wow.. That's really embarrassing... but not unbelievable. The police are so corrupt, I wouldn't be surprised if we hear even more of such matters eventually.

    And as usual, our "most esteemed" Prime Minister will just deny any knowledge of anything at all.. and promptly fall asleep. :roll:
  4. Dashken

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    NBC’s report on sexual slavery disputed

    So fast got cover-ups already. Malaysian authority rox0r! :thumb: :clap:

    I bet our neighbour Singapore is laughing their head's off. So many funny stories/people in Malaysia. :mrgreen:
  5. Adrian Wong

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    ROTFL!!!! Sigh.. If that story is true, why must their sources be so afraid that they have to remain anonymous?? :haha:

    Stand up and show your face la... Have some balls, man. :haha:
  6. green

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    Good riddance..

    How did they come into the country. How to sing without work permit...that chinese gynecologist look shifty..
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  7. Adrian Wong

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    LOL! Go to any construction project and ask the Indonesian workers there to show their work permits. Count how many of them actually have work permits. :mrgreen:

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