Need a new moniter to replace my Dell U2211H

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards & Displays' started by 1031982, Mar 2, 2018.

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    At long last the back light is dying in my Dell UltraSharp U2211H. The top half of the screen is dim, and the bottom is OK, but seems to be struggling.

    I found this monitor to be great at everything I was doing, weather it was editing photos, watching a movie, or playing games.

    I would love to get a replacement that matches this, and if possible, stay with Dell as I have credit there.

    I NEED an IPS panel for the viewing angles and color accuracy. I actually would like to stay at 1920x1080 as sometimes stream my games to my Raspberry Pie using Moonlight, and keeping the 1080 resolution makes it easier.
    I could fit probably a max of a 25" monitor with my setup.
    I was looking at the Dell UltraSharp 24 InfinityEdge Monitor – U2417H

    Any input and other recommendations and/or advice is appreciated.
  2. Chai

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    I didn't realise they have changed the resolution to 1920x1080 on the newer models. I'm still using the old U2412M which has 1920x1200. I like to have more vertical space for general usage.

    But if you prefer the Full HD resolution, I don't think you will go wrong with U2417H.
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    Well, I ordered one and received it today, however I had to contact Dell about it because when the screen is black, there are two purple spots. Seeing how I use my PC to edit pictures as well as other things, I kinda need that not to happen.

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  4. Chai

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    Wow, that's definitely a defect.

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