New Revision 7.2 BIOS Optimization Guide Posted!

Discussion in 'BIOS Optimization Guide (BOG)' started by Adrian Wong, Feb 18, 2003.

  1. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    We had it up late last night but I never had the chance to post news about it. So, some of you will have had the chance to check out the new before anyone else realized it! LOL!

    Here is a list of what's new in the BIOS Optimization Guide Revision 7.2!

    <u>Ten New BIOS Options</u>
    - AGP ISA Aliasing
    - Compatible FPU OPCODE
    - FPU OPCODE Compatible Mode
    - PCI Chaining
    - PCI Master 0 WS Read
    - PCI Target Latency
    - SDRAM ECC Setting
    - SDRAM Page Hit Limit
    - SDRAM PH Limit
    - VLink 8X Support

    <u>One Updated BIOS Option</u>

    - PCI/VGA Palette Snoop

    In addition, Ken took the opportunity to enhance the interface of the BIOS Optimization Guide index. He removed the "Latest Additions" list which was redundant and quite misleading. And he replaced it with a feature that allows you to arrange the BIOS option listing by Date!

    So, now you can not only sort by categories or alphabetically but also by date! I'm sure you will find it very useful in keeping track of the latest changes in the BIOS Optimization Guide. All fan mails to Ken please! :)

    Finally, a reminder that the BIOS Optimization Guide is protected by an anti-leeching mechanism so please check your firewall settings.

    If you are using Norton Firewall, please turn off Browser Privacy. If you are using ZoneAlarm, please turn off Cookie Control and Ad Blocking. Otherwise, the page will keep reloading itself.

    Thanks and I hope you enjoy the new BIOS Optimization Guide Revision 7.2! :)

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