New Revision 7.5 BIOS Optimization Guide Posted!

Discussion in 'BIOS Optimization Guide (BOG)' started by Adrian Wong, Mar 22, 2003.

  1. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    We have just posted the new Rev. 7.5 BIOS Optimization Guide! Here is the list of new or updated BIOS options :-

    - Graphic Win Size
    - Post Write Combine
    - SDRAM 1T Command
    - SDRAM 1T Command Control
    - SDRAM Burst Len
    - SDRAM Burst Length
    - SDRAM Command Rate
    - SuperStability Mode
    - AGP Aperture Size
    - APIC Function
    - PCI Chaining
    - PCI Target Latency

    With that, the new BIOS Optimization Guide now covers a total of 183 BIOS options! :)


    If you know of any BIOS options that has yet to be covered in the BIOS Optimization Guide, please do let me know by posting the information here. Please remember to use the following format :-

    BIOS Option : i.e. APIC Function
    Options : i.e. Enabled, Disabled
    Description : i.e. Enables the motherboard's APIC functionality
    Motherboard : i.e. ABIT NF7-S
    Chipset : i.e. NVIDIA nForce2

    Your assistance is greatly appreciated! :)
  2. Graham_Tee

    Graham_Tee Newbie


    Wonderful! So, when can I buy the e-book?


  3. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Thanks, Gray! :)

    Well, I'm trying to tie up the loose ends in the contract and then we are ready to roll with the book and the e-book. Hope it will be soon! :D
  4. lung

    lung Just Started

    e-book? That means no free download? :(
  5. peaz

    peaz ARP Webmaster Staff Member

    Lung... sad to say but nothing is this world is totally free... this website's hosting definately isn't free and it's not even near cheap... so i hope u understand our situatiuon
  6. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Hello lung,

    Well, I think everyone should step back a bit and take another look at what I have done so far. I've been researching and writing it since 1999. And it has always been available for free. And it's STILL available FOC.

    When I was negotiating with the future publisher of the BIOS Optimization Guide, he insisted on obtaining the rights to this online version as well as the e-book version. But I kept negotiating until I was able to retain the rights to provide this online version for FREE.

    So, I feel that there should be some gratitude that the BIOS Optimization Guide will still be available in the online form for FREE, instead of the usual shock and horror messages that I get whenever someone discovers that there won't be a FREE e-book version of the guide.

    And to think I also insisted that the e-book version must be sold at a very low price. Maybe I shouldn't be SO stupid! :)
  7. lung

    lung Just Started

    Well, I apologise for what I have said and I just want you to know that I (along with a lot of others, I am sure) really appreaciate what you have done here.

    Just keep up the good work! :D
  8. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    LOL! I'm not targeting you, Lung! I'm talking in general.

    I may sound a little hot... but that's because I've worked so hard these many years and all I'm asking in return is for people to respect my decisions.

    I know not everyone likes them but I really have my reasons. I can easily just keep my work to myself and get it published for profit. I don't really have to share anything with anyone. And I'm not even charging for the BOG.

    All I'm asking if people do not plagiarize the BOG and respect my decisions about it. Hehe... But you know, for all the praises they have heaped upon it, they still plagiarized it... they still ripped it.

    That's why I got a little carried away. Been keeping it inside... Boiling already! Sorry if I scared you! :)
  9. lung

    lung Just Started

    Well I'm doing my part... Have been introducing this site to those interested on other forums :)
  10. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Hehe... Thanks! :)
  11. lung

    lung Just Started

    Welcome. :)

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