Newbie's Guide To Overclocking!

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  1. Dashken

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    Even overclocking gurus were newbies once. To get you started on overclocking, we present a new guide on overclocking.

    It's designed both for those who just want to find out what's the big deal about overclocking, as well as those who aspire to greatness in overclocking!


    Link : Newbie's Guide To Overclocking!
  2. K B Ng

    K B Ng Newbie

    Author's Note

    This series was conceived as an Internet-wide answer to the infamous FAQ question.. "what is overclocking ?" This question turns up in pretty much every forum that deals with or discusses overclocking.. there's even a few here I think. So the idea is this.. instead of asking them to "google it" you might refer them here instead. Plus there aren't that many newbie-type articles that deal with overclocking.
  3. whheezzzz

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    Great Noob article but seems like you focused mainly on Intel instead of AMD also like explaining HTT,not a real FSB like Intels but maybe that will come later,that might be to much for some people out there to comprehend i know it took me a bit to understand drasterly AMD :wall:
  4. K B Ng

    K B Ng Newbie

    Thank you. Yes, that was just a start. We do hope to be covering HTT and other stuff in future installments. Also if everyone could provide feedback it'd help us tailor the articles.. if they're too short/too long, have too few or too many pictures, or if it's not easily understood or anything, do let us know.

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