Notebook Purchase Fiasco!

Discussion in 'Reviews & Articles' started by Dashken, Dec 3, 2004.

  1. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Definitely. But those Acer reps definitely had profit on their minds when they tried to rip us off. :mrgreen:
  2. earl-ku

    earl-ku Newbie

    err ... good read there, obviously its the unprofound dumbness of the staff who were there ... they are just ridiculous ... thats why i never never shop in pc fair expecially for anything more than rm500 ... its just plain waste of time getting it there

    i am using the older Aspire 2000 series, bought it a 5750 which was a student price(they say la) the RRP was RM5999 - this was back in may 04, which came with the 512 MB memory too, it seems like its the later decision to have all aspire to come with 512 memory, it is pre-instaled with 256 ... so that explains why they have 2 modules nstead of one

    i wanted to change it to 1 gig too ... when i enquire at the Acer Service Center - Highpoint Service at KLCC the technician there said that i can purchase the RAM from anywhere but i muct bring the laptop back to them so that they can install it for me and have the Acer sticker replaced ...

    An i wanted to know the brand of the pre installed ram, she kinly obliged and openned it up and it is Nanya Module ... she then replaced the broken seal with a new one ...

    hmmm .... :angel:
  3. earl-ku

    earl-ku Newbie

    i think when u wanted the 1gig ram, they were definitely trying to rip you off ... but i have asked around, and no one is selling those 1gb module ... u know where i can get one ...
  4. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    No-no.. It was supposed to be TWO 512MB modules to make up 1GB.

    All Acer notebooks with 512MB of RAM come with two 256MB modules because Acer do not actually have 512MB modules.

    So, if you want to upgrade yourself, you will have to take out both 256MB modules and replace them with either a single 1GB module or two 512MB modules.
  5. peaz

    peaz ARP Webmaster Staff Member

    Ah Adrian has said it all.

    I wouldn't have minded it if the sales fellows have pointed out the fact that the warranty won't be void as long as the RAM was installed by a authorised dealer... But like I said, a bad rep makes no sales.

    But wait till you guys read the next episode... this can get much worse than just a bad rep. LOL

    It should be posted soon.
  6. goldfries


    wah this is the first time i hear all this.

    normally buying a laptop is very easy. in fact people offer free RAM upgrades and such. heck i've never heard of people not being able to upgrade RAM modules on their own.

    it's so inconvenient, you'd actually have to go to them just to upgrade when actually you can upgrade at the comfort of your own home/office.

    the choice of being able to upgrade RAM on your own is actually very important, cos sometimes you just need to exchange RAMs here and there.
  7. Dashken

    Dashken Administrator!

    Notebook Fiasco Episode II : The Loss Of Joy!

    Buying notebooks was supposed to be a pretty clear-cut affair. Determine what you need, eyeball the available notebooks and choose the best one that suits your needs. Simple, no?

    Unfortunately, this was not to be as Ken and Adrian discovered. Check out Episode II : The Loss Of Joy and find out what happened next!


    Link : Notebook Fiasco Episode II : The Loss Of Joy!
  8. zy

    zy Staff Member

    yey~! part II is out :clap:
  9. zy

    zy Staff Member

    aya.. part III .. this is like following a story :mrgreen: cant wait!!
  10. RzaX

    RzaX Newbie

    I've read Episode II and I am disgusted at the service offered by these "authorized" dealers. Makes you wonder what other tactics these dealers have in making a fast buck... :(
  11. zy

    zy Staff Member

    Rzax, welcome to ARP ..

    well .. another techniqued used by a TeleDynamics dealer on my dad.

    the dealer spend time patiently introducing the range of notebooks..
    then this rude dealer(should be the leader/head) came into the room .. asked to buy the laptop immediately .. saying we wasted his dealer's time .. as he could have gone to a company & sold a few notebooks ... besides.. he said we can change the laptop for a better one if we are not satisfied. .. :p
    he didnt said it politely .. he said it quite loud & fast..

    my dad got pissed off ... he replied that since he was wasting their time.. he would leave now :p
  12. RzaX

    RzaX Newbie

    Thanks zy :D

    Well I hope this turns out only to be a VERY bad experience for Adrian and crew. I'm not to keen on buying stuff from PC Fair type sales because it's not very convenient to shop around with all the hundreds of people moving around at the same time in a small'll get exhausted and buying judgement will be impaired.
    And usually the pricings are not so drastically cheaper IMHO.. :mrgreen:
  13. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Well, the thing is prices are CHEAPER for notebooks. That's why we made it a point to get the notebooks during Computer Fair. :mrgreen:
  14. RzaX

    RzaX Newbie

    Ah well then I shall make a mental note on buying notebooks during PC Fair then. How much cheaper is it? A few hundred ringgit (100+ - 200+)?
  15. goldfries


    i think you guys are in awful bad luck.

    i mean the company i used to work for, my boss grabbed like 3 - 5 Compaq notebooks and 2 Compaq desktop with no hassle.

    one of the desktop had a problem, but it was solved easily. (i think that's the case where i brought it to Seksyen 13 Compaq/HP centre).

    the notebooks were great, no problem whatsoever.

    on the spot sweep, took back and used by our staff for development. yep. we ran JSP with Oracle and OC4J on those P4 2.4ghz notebooks. works great even with 256mb RAM.

    i'm still dumb-founded at what you guys faced and i'm pretty sure that you guys are just not meant to buy those notebooks that day.........

    oh to think that there's still an episode III!!!!!!!! man..........tough luck guys, tough luck. and worse it had to happen to both of you.

    i've never met such irresponsible dealers. a responsible dealer would actually update you on the delivery progress and all, even if there's any delay at all.

    1 whole month and not once he calls you guys.......not even when his car broke down when bringing the goods to destination - utterly silly.

    i know you guys bought it cos it's cheap - but sometimes the hassle is not worth the money, agony and time wasted. for me if the dealer doesn't respect me - i'd rather cancel the order.

    why? cos the after-sales services would be coming from these irresponisble people right?
  16. plasma

    plasma Newbie

    what the heck??!!

    OMFG!!! after reading episode II, this fiasco really sounds like the Star Wars : Episode II. I would have whipped up my lightsaber and melted the guy away.... :haha: :haha:

    seemingly lately there's a big push for laptop sales and companies have been recruiting tonnes of sales reps whom are poorly trained both in marketing and in computing. my housemate who bought a Dell laptop from that very same PC Fair had a 3 weeks delay too. and another week for the webcam to arrive, with another week after that for the bag to arrive.

    And the bag wasnt the type that she ordered. She called them up, they say that the type she ordered is out of stock and they juz sent this one instead, w/o notifying her. And seemingly, they do not allow her to return the bag in exchange for the one she ordered, even if it means waiting a little longer. Altho, this little bag thing isnt much of a deal(compared to u guys LOL), but i guess it gives the feeling that you have been short-changed.

    Note to self : dun buy computers from ppl who dunno computers or seems overly confident in meeting all the special needs. :think:

    to think that Mr.Y dares to offer a free digicam :think: Wow! lemme guess, no digicam either? :wall: :haha:
  17. goldfries


    cash and carry is best. :) or at least, credit card and carry.
  18. earl-ku

    earl-ku Newbie

    yeah ... when i got my acer, i spent a day with a fren who was suppose to buy a laptop ... at that particular day, the though of purchasing a laptopn did'nt even crossed my mind... then after that one day of laptop window shopping ... i had this urge to get one myself

    went and get the cash .... went with another friend who also wanted to get a laptop and guitar on the very same day ...

    went there ... asked around and then the next thing i know, the sales fella was on his way to get the set ... paid and left .... thats all ...
  19. hyper_raider

    hyper_raider shutdown -h now

    this makes me think again if i wanna buy a PC in kl....
  20. gogo2

    gogo2 Newbie

    Guys, I have my own Notebook buying fiasco also. After all this fiasco, I decided to return the notebook (by force) and built myself a clone PC. :doh: By the way, is the Benq notebook is in a sealed box?

    "I want to relate my experience with Acer. I'm not saying Acer not good. But probably I'm just unlucky.

    I bought 2012WLCi from Low Yat Plaza. The boss is very good. Even treat me to lunch. But the unit is confirm DOA - display problem (happened to 2012WLCi). And I need a laptop. So I take it and will be exchange a new unit upon arrival in Penang.

    But I change my mind because I feel 2012WLCi (15.4") is a bit bulky. So I request to change to TM371 which is 12.1". When I reach Penang Acer (HighPoint), I see the box is open (not sealed). I have bad feeling. The plastic looks old. The brochure inside the box also looks old. So, I ask for new one in a sealed box. They keep on insisting it is new one. They reason that all notebook is open for testing. Well, so with heavy heart, I take the notebook that cost me RM5888 cash.

    Then I found a dead pixel (ok, I know a dead is quite an industry standard). So I insist I want to change to a new one since they have 7 days DOA one to one swap policy. They said ok without any problem.

    So I call up Acer KL and ask whether all the Acer notebook is opened one. I try to request one in a sealed box. But the guy over the phone keep on insisting all should be open for testing. They said they don't want customer came and found the notebook DOA and wasted their time to come. We talk for more than one hour and he really convince me.

    Anyway, I go email Acer HighPoint Marketing whether all the notebook box is sealed. Well, just as I thought they would answer. All box should be opened since custom need to check upon arrival from Taiwan and they need to test every notebook. So, I feel better.

    When I took the notebook the next day, to my surprise and happiness, I found the notebook in a sealed box. But when I reach home, I also feel a bit angry because I feel cheated by all the Acer staff. Then I also found 1 dead pixel on the display. Also, one of the speaker is not functioning. I only hear sound from one of the speaker. Furthermore, the magnesium alloy case that hold the display is slightly protuding. It is ugly. So bad is the QC that I feel so sad at that time.

    So the next day, I email back the Acer Marketing telling them that I got the laptop in a sealed box. You know what is their reply? Well they said that only select few notebook that is opened for checking. What?! This mean all the Acer people lied to me. Liar!!!

    I suddenly feel very upset and angry. Also they said that I cannot return the notebook. I can only sent back the notebook for fixing. What?!!!

    I cannot hid my frustration. I just email them back (since the email is CC to a lot of Acer people) and demand for refund. I just feel I cannot deal with Acer anymore. That's the last of it.

    So lastly, they agree to refund. I return the notebook and receive the cheque only after 2 weeks. Luckily they didn't lied about sending me a cheque. Else, I lost the notebook and money....

    But maybe this is just my bad luck.

    Anyway, some of the shopkeeper also told me that Acer TM371 is notorious for dead pixel. All the TM371 will have dead pixel. Also, they said that company like Acer and Twinhead have second grade company. But this cannot be verified. Actually any notebook company will have lemon. So depends whether you're lucky or not.

    But now, I better stick with IBM or Toshiba.

    Maybe Dell since Dell is cheaper. IBM and Toshiba is just too expensive. But Dell also get stuff from Taiwan. For IBM, all the lower end also from Taiwan like R series. Only X and T series have better reliability.

    For Fujitsu, expensive. Also, don't know why all Fujitsu notebook come with integrated video RAM. That's bad move."

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