NVIDIA : Bethesda Picks NVIDIA Technology for ‘Fallout 4’

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    By Brian Burke

    Every once in a while my job here at NVIDIA allows me to step out of “just Dad” zone and into “cool Dad” zone. Tonight I’ll get to have another one of those moments. I get to explain to my son, Carson, that technology created by NVIDIA will make the latest installment of his favorite franchise, Fallout, even cooler.

    Bethesda has taken NVIDIA Volumetric Lighting technology to recreate the franchise’s signature look in the latest Fallout installment.

    Carson has spent the past several weekends replaying Fallout 3. And this is not in preparation for the imminent release for Fallout 4. For the last seven years Fallout 3 has been his “go to” game.


    Fallout 3 introduced the Fallout world to a whole new generation of young gamers like Carson. He completes quests and redoes them again. He wanders and explores the vast open world. He logs the items he collects in his Pip Boy. And he chugs Nuka Cola. He does it all while singing along to old school hits from Marty Robbins, The Ink Spots and Jack Shaindlin.

    Carson even left his console behind because the earlier Fallout games are only available on PC. He also logged a lot of time on his tablet playing Fallout Shelter while trading tips on how to best manage his Dwellers with his brothers.

    NVIDIA and Bethesda are working together to integrate state-of-the-art special effects using NVIDIA technologies.

    I’m happy that NVIDIA will be able to contribute to Fallout 4. And I’m looking forward to Carson’s reaction when I tell him about our collaboration.

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