NVIDIA Launches GeForce 7 mGPUs For Intel LGA775 Platform

Discussion in 'News' started by Dashken, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Dashken

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    It is about time NVIDIA started shipping integrated graphics solutions for the Intel LGA775 platform. After a noticeable absence in the Intel market, NVIDIA has finally release three new motherboard GPUs and two new nForce chipsets for the Intel platform.

    Today, we take a look at the new NVIDIA GeForce 7150, 7100 and 7050 GPUs, as well as the new NVIDIA nForce 630i and nForce 610i chipsets. NVIDIA promises that these new chipsets and GPUs will offer far better performance than Intel's new G33 and G35 chipsets at lower costs.

    Here's a quote from the review :-

    Link : NVIDIA Launches GeForce 7 mGPUs For Intel LGA775 Platform
  2. The_YongGrand

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    Cool man, this is a killer one! Like the AMD platform Geforce 6100 chipset, this one is Intel platform. I really like those onboard Geforce, although it isn't up to the task, but it's still a really good onboard solution compared to the VIA unichrome or the SiS Mirage ones.

    Cheers to the budget Core rigs! :mrgreen:
  3. Adrian Wong

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    No solid numbers yet, but should be better than the Intel integrated graphics. Still, I don't think NVIDIA will sell too many of these unless they can beat Intel on price.

    Gamers will not want these integrated graphics chips, and office workers couldn't care less whether it does 3D better or not. There will, however, be a market for this in the home entertainment PC segment. Precisely why NVIDIA added the option for HDMI output in the nForce 630i.

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