NZXT Unveils Sentry LX High-Performance Fan Controller

Discussion in 'News' started by Mac Daddy, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. Mac Daddy

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    New Aluminum Fan Controller Features 5 Temperature Probes, Alarm System, Intuitive Interface and LCD Display

    El Monte, CA – July 1st, 2008 – NZXT, a company built on realizing the dreams of gamers worldwide, is proud to announce the Sentry LX, a high-performance aluminum fan controller. Sentry LX boasts a robust feature set providing gamers and PC enthusiasts with the optimal setup for monitoring and adjusting temperatures throughout the PC.

    * Simple Installation – Sentry LX slides easily into any dual 5.25” drive bay

    * Complete Control – 5 Temperature Probes keep tabs on all areas of your system while the 5 Fan controllers adjust the fans’ RPM speed

    * Auto/Manual Modes – Allows users to automatically adjust the fan speeds to correspond to a specific temperature or manually set your system for extreme overclocking capabilities or absolute silence

    * Temperature Alarm – Instant notification if temps rise above a designated point

    * Intuitive Interface and LCD Display – NZXT’s ergonomic interface design allows you to customize your airflow on the fly

    * Sleek Design – Aluminum plated front panel is designed to match any high-end chassis

    “For power users and silent users alike, Sentry LX is a phenomenal way to achieve full control and monitoring capabilities for your PC’s entire cooling system , ” said Johnny Hou, Chief Designer at NZXT.

    Retailing for $59.99, the new Sentry LX high-performance fan controller will be available in July.

    (Will add a link when more info is on the site)

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  2. Unixlord

    Unixlord Newbie

    I like the auto fan speed adjustment feature but many users (myself included) do not have 2 drive bays to spare. In fact I'm currently searching for a good 3.5" fan controller with 4 knobs.
  3. iModAMD

    iModAMD Newbie

    :faint: SOOO BIG ... AND for you unix you can take the ZM2 of zalman who is really nice ;) Give you the total wattage of your tower... can have 4 sensors and can controll 6 fans :)
  4. Unixlord

    Unixlord Newbie

    That zalman fc would be 5.25", I need a 3.5" controller, no sensors are required.
  5. zy

    zy Staff Member

    nice.. maybe i should sell my zalman fan controller for this :think:

    but then, i dont really need the nice LCD since cm stacker has a front door... and i end up covering it :p

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