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  1. Finally got my system stable. Or at least I think so... :haha: I've tested it in superpi, BF2 and NFS:MW successively. It has never stalled, hanged or lagged in any way at all. :dance: Been using it for several hours now and still rock solid stable. :D

    Thanks to all the people here who's given tips and ideas here and there and especially to Papercut!! :clap: You guys are great!! :beer:
  2. m0dD3r

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    Tell us the exact specs and clocks of all your parts so we can enjoy it too! Congrats on the stableness. I know what it feels like. After almost 2 years of reformat cuz of corruption and RMA's, I finally got my system completely stable about 8 months ago.
  3. It's in my sig!:mrgreen:

    2 years? :shock: Man, that IS extreme!! :faint:
  4. PsYkHoTiK

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    lol I change parts every few months... :p CPU and mobo usually last the longest (around a year.)

    So I usually spend a day or two tweaking relentlessly. I usually find something stable then its tweaking/pushing time! :twisted: That and juggling college (occasionally LOL! )... :p

    As long as you know what you're doing or if you don't find out it doesn't take long at all. :D
  5. Papercut

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    Agreed. After a while you just plug in numbers randomly and it works. But don't tell anyone :shhh:

    Just kidding. Glad to hear you got it stable. Welcome to the dark side :twisted:
  6. Hahahaha!!! :haha: That I didn't know!! :mrgreen:

    I must admit, it does take a huge amount of patience. You have to really sleep on it several times and let it roll around in your head at night. And when morning comes (that's if you didn't sleep at all just thinking about it!!:haha: ), you might have another guess at what other thing you can maybe do. :lol:

    I actually tried pushing it to 3Ghz. It was able to load windows and run for a few minutes. I then tried playing BF2 and it couldn't load a map. I'm guessing I should loosen the timings for that. :wicked: But 3Ghz is too much for me for now. I'm keeping it at FX-57 speeds for the moment. :thumb:
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    True. It wouldn't have taken me so long but I was learning how to OC as I was corruting various installs of windows and burning out parts. I now know a ton about OC'ing and have my system along with friends systems perfectly stable. If you know what you're doing before you start, it shouldn't take long. Agreed.
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    Crap. I finally updated my sig but I think it's too big. If it is, how can I make it more like some of your sigs with color and smaller text?
  9. click: User CP ---> Edit Signature.

    The window that opens looks exactly like when you're replying to a thread. Options are just above the box where you type in. :thumb:
  10. Can somebody tell me if these are safe settings to run my memory on? :eh:

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