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  1. Magicky

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    Hope this si the right forum;

    I’ve used CPU-Z for quite a while but recently found this:


    There are 5 tabs on the bottom for in depth reporting on CPU features {very similar to CPU-Z}, but the one that interests me is the Management tab. With “On Demand Clock Modulation: and the ability to reset the FID/VID on the fly it goes way beyond the CPU-Z prog.

    Hasn’t caused any stability upsets yet, but then I’ve only modded the CPU up/down by about three percent. Too cautious I suppose…

    oh yeah, a plug for Major Geeks too, great site, lots of freeware and great news shorts. Try the "Way Off Base" section ;)
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  3. Magicky

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    DL'ed the ClockGen prog. Read the text file, really like the ability to set .bat files, I've always liked doing batch commands.

    Ran some FID/VID changes OK. So its good for what it does, but I think that Oversoft has more reporting functions by far and shows the results of the mods in a very clear and immediate way. But, there you go, you pays your money, you takes your chances. Magicky:wicked:

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