Overclocking 2600+ Barton

Discussion in 'Overclocking, Cooling & Modding' started by vjd007, Dec 5, 2005.

  1. vjd007

    vjd007 Newbie

    Hi All,

    Just wondering what is the highest clock speed anyone manage to sqeeze out of the 2600 Barton.

    I got 2.37 GHz out of it, but temps hover at about 54-56 at full load.

    I think there is still room, but my ram might be the limiting factor and the cooling as well.

    Just checking if upgrading these components (RAM and Cooling) will yeild better results.

    Thanks. :D
  2. MooCow

    MooCow Newbie

    my 2600 is doing 2.5ghz right now at 1.575 volts. highest i've tried was 2.8ghz but that was last year :S.

    anyways, what's your ram and cpu voltage right now?
  3. kayFX

    kayFX Newbie

    vjd007 has a barton.. barton operates at 1.67 V.. mine @ 2300MHz at 1.85 V.. 11.5 x 200 FSB.. 54-56 at full load too high for me.. mine full load at 45-46 most.. look for better cooling system.. :mrgreen:
  4. vjd007

    vjd007 Newbie

    Thanks for the replies.. i am current at 205x11.5 @ 1.875. The high temperatures are attributed to my SilentBoost heat sink. I watch many movies on my PC and the silence is greatly apreciated.

    But i guess if i am going to overclock my chip, an upgrade is needed. I saw a larger SilentBoost fan and converter on the thermaltake website.

    Might consider it..
  5. zachig

    zachig Newbie

    Damn. You guys have pretty good overclocking results. I'm currently running my Barton 2500+ at 210x11=2.31Ghz, with 1.775V on Vcore. That's the maximum I can reach while keeping my PC stable.
    I know for sure that my lousy EPOX 8RDA3+ (rev 1.1) mobo is limiting me.

    Regarding the Temps:
    Idle - 31C
    Load - 48C

    Watercooled with home-made watercooling system.
  6. vjd007

    vjd007 Newbie

    Home-Made water cooling??? :shock: :pray:

    U Da Man..

    I don't have the guts to attempt anything like that... Will live with the heat until my next upgrade..

    was planning to get a 6600GT agp.. and that will add to the overall heat in my case... hmm... :think:
  7. zachig

    zachig Newbie

    A home-made watercooling system is not that hard to build.

    Regarding the 6600GT AGP, don't hesitate and go for it, it won't contribute too much heat to your system. You can always add some more fans to your case and improve the air-flow a little bit.

    Just ONE IMPORTANT THING. If you DO buy a 6600GT, be sure to have AT LEAST 400W of a decent Power Supply becasue this 6600GT is really 'hungry' for power!!!

  8. khelben

    khelben Newbie

    My unlock 2600+ Barton is doing:

    230 * 11 = 2530Mhz @ 1.7v
    PQI Turbo 2 * 512 DDR400 2-3-2-5

    Idles at 46 and 51 on full load, Thermalright SI-97.

    According to uAMDtool, the performance rating for 230*11 is 4100+ lol.

    Should i lower my multiplier and increase my FSB instead? Or there's no difference in doing that?
  9. athlonxp

    athlonxp Newbie

    wat cooling are u using?

    how can u reach 2.5 on such low voltage? :eh:
  10. kayFX

    kayFX Newbie

    maybe MooCow using mobile chip..
  11. zachig

    zachig Newbie

    Yeah, I guess you're right.
  12. Max_87

    Max_87 huehuehue

    Yeah, 2.5GHz at 1.7v. My 2500+ needed 1.95v to reach 2.5GHz :lol:
  13. MooCow

    MooCow Newbie

    i have a thermalright si97 with a 2000rpm fan.
    im using a mobile chip. they run at lower stock voltages (1.45v) so they are able to scale higher.

    keep in mind that this is with 200fsb. i need a bit more vcore if i were to the same clockspeed with above 200.
  14. I wish I could OC mine to at least 2.3Ghz. :roll:

    I can't even get mine to be stable at 2.25Ghz. :faint:
  15. zachig

    zachig Newbie

    Yeah, I wish I could do more than 2.3GHz with higher FSB, as I barely run my Barton 2500+ stable at 210x11=2.31Ghz :(

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