Overclocking Pentium D820 what shouuld i need?

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  1. silverchair

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    Hi guys hope you could give me a few suggestion and words in overclocking the pentium D820...

    Im using Conroe865GV with PentiumD820 using standard lga775 heatsink fan, Coolermaster centurion 541 MATX case with standard 350 watts of casing.

    The motherboard can specify the FSB frequency from 95-300 (200 is the auto FSB frequency). My question is, on what frequency can the proceesor handle using standard lga775 heatsink fan? Or if i need to replace a much better heatsink,PSU or other, what should it be?

    Thanks guys!!
  2. The_YongGrand

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    Hi there,

    You have quite a cheap good combination here - the Centurion 5 casing is very nice. :thumb:

    Okay - I'm not sure whether you can overclock a 820, but since the 820 is based on an older 90nm core, the operating temps are moderately high, and pushing it further might cause the system refuse to start.

    If you want to overclock, try a small step forward - like 5MHz increments and see the temps. If you have reached a higher speed and want to continue using the overclocked speed, prime it for 2 hours and see if this thing will throttle down or not. If it's not, you are in a safe zone.

    And a better heatsink/cooler is usually recommended - a Pentium D 8xx series are really hot when overclocked.

    Meanwhile on that same motherboard you have, I can overclock my Celeron D 347 (3.06) to a 3.8GHz and running stable with stock heatsink. :rolleyes:

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