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    the guys form hardforum.com referred me to this site so i thought i'd try asking here..

    okay, i'm fairly newb at oc'ing. i've only done it once with my old pc (a athlon xp 3000 single core), which eventually burned out after a year.

    i now have this mobo:

    ..and a athlon xp 3600 x2 dual core processor at stock 1.9ghz.

    my problem is i don't know these more advanced oc'ing options. i didctrl+f1 in my bios screen to unlock the advanced options too.. here is what i see after so:

    ( ) = current setting

    PMU [auto/enable] (auto)
    cpu frequency [200.0-300.0] (200.0)
    k8<->nb ht speed [1x-5x] (5x)
    nb-->sb ht speed [1x-5x] (4x)
    nb<--sb ht speed [1x-5x] (4x)
    k8<->nb ht width (down16 up16)
    nb<->sb ht width (down8 up8)
    err94 enh [auto/enable] (auto)

    those are the stock settings, and my pc is at 1.9ghz per core, people always tell me that the athlon xp 3600 x2 is easily clockable to speeds of 2.4-2.7ghz per core.

    i guess my queston is, how would i change my settings?

    i tried simply changing the cpu frequency to see if i even got any change in windows specs, but nothing.

    other parts..
    2gb corsair valueselect ram at ddr667 pc5300
    onboard video card (planning on buying a 8600 series soon)
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    invalid URL.

    anyway my X2 3600+ did 2.5ghz with under-volting. :) but mine is the 2ghz version, a little older than yours.

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