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  1. alabamamercy

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    Anyone can recommend a list or web with overclocking global settings for differents gpu and cpu? I know results and settings may vary according to the whole system configuration but I'd like to know some global clock values, right now I'm boosting an 1080ti and I had to run the benchmark like 10 times. Only to find a good spot for gpu clock I'd would be nice to have a high starting points for all clocks. If the question is to stupid let me know as well lmao. I have like zero knowledge on the matter
  2. Chai

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    I don't think such a list exist because overclocking depends heavily on silicon lottery, and it will never be the same for everyone.

    The only way to find the limit is to experiment.
  3. laurayuan

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    Yes, there is a list to overclock different GPU and CPU:

    · Use GPU overclocking tools. There are multiple overclocking tools out there, most of which come from different video card manufacturers. You can choose MSI Afterburner, EVGA Precision, Asus GPU Tweak, or AMD Wattman.

    · Benchmark your stock settings as you have done.

    · Do some housekeeping work. Since overclocking typically raises the temperature of your system, it forces both your CPU and system cooling to work harder than normal. If this is your first overclocking attempt, give your PC a spring cleaning. You can simply clean the dust filters on your front-intake fans or remove all hardware and wipe down every surface inside.

    · Overclock Intel CPU using BIOS.
  4. Diana Scarpa

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    sorry but got no list...kindly check it on the web, a wide range of options available for your preference.

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