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  1. Majormaggot

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    ok so i wanna push my compy a lil bit faster and was wondering if going up to 1.6v (on the cpu) and over would be sort-of-safe, or would it be dangerous to go that high(i've heard that going over 1.6v that u will need water cooling but don't know if thats exactly true), and would changing the agp voltage in my bios help OC or just fry the card??

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  2. TEB

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    The option you see in the bios is for the agp bus speed. I belive even pushing that destroys the life of your card. I would stick to actually volt modding the card.

    I belive the volt modding guide says dojt go above 1.8v unless your on water cooling but im not for sure.
  3. Majormaggot

    Majormaggot Newbie

    nope my board has an option for changing the agp voltage, i just don't know if the card will run at that voltage or just the agp slot.
  4. Papercut

    Papercut Newbie

    Just the AGP slot.
  5. Majormaggot

    Majormaggot Newbie

    and what aboot the cpu voltage?? is ok to go over 1.6v with air cooling??
  6. TEB

    TEB Newbie

    You probably shouldnt mess with cpu voltage unless your ok with shortening its life and having it under water cooling.
  7. aKho

    aKho beat around the bush

    i read somewhere that it's safe to go 1.6v on ur cpu but anything higher is a risk. i'm running an AMD 64 chip with no problems. what chip ur using? :whistle:
  8. Majormaggot

    Majormaggot Newbie

    see sig...
  9. I have a socket A Barton and I've been running mine at 1.68v at about 44 degrees under load.

    I just set the CPU voltage in my mainboard to auto so sometimes I would see the voltage go lower or higher but more often than not at 1.68v.

    I haven't really encountered any problems except that I corrupted my BIOS which was totally my fault. But this is unrelated as far as voltage goes so it would seem to me that 1.6v is still ok.

    I guess it would also be wise to at least have a better HSF if you're not into watercooling. :thumb:
  10. Papercut

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    I guess it would depend on what your current temperatures are at 1.55V. If they're within the healthy range then you can go a bit further. ;)
  11. Majormaggot

    Majormaggot Newbie

    with the "Amazing Zalman :p" i get 3 degrees above air temp at idle and aboout 7-9 degrees above air temp at full load so it basically it stay under 38-39 degrees (celcius).

  12. crashagn

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    Do not up the voltage on your agp slot.. you will only shorten and seruisly burning it out waste of time.. if you want to oc the agp do so through your vid card using 3rd party software Rivatuner works great for this

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