Pinwheel Galaxy (M33)

Discussion in 'Ishtim' started by Ishtim, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. Ishtim

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    Triangulum Galaxy (M33)

    Not quite "Hubble-esque", but I am learning. :mrgreen:
    IMO, a bit soft, good color and will try again (probably next year when it is in favorable part of sky) to get better S/N.

    Shot specs: 1-13-2008, Canon 300D (Digital Rebel) @ f.l.600mm, ISO 400, temp. 35F, 8X600s exposure (80 min.) processed w/photochop. I also have some shots at 3550mm that I have to get off the camera. ...will share soon! :thumb:
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  2. peaz

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    COOL! yes we want more! :D
  3. ZuePhok

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  4. Trinity

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    Great picture ishtim! How do you stay warm in the observatory?

    btw, should it not be named the "Triangulum Galaxy"?

    Messier Object 33
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  5. Ishtim

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    Thanks Guys.... ;)

    @ Trin, my apologies, it is the Triangulum galaxy, however the software I use to control my tele also calls it the Pinwheel, but I guess that the accepted Pinwheel names belongs to M101.:angel:
    **goes to change thread title**:shhh:
  6. Adrian Wong

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    WOW.. That is very impressive. :shock:

    More please!! :thumb: :thumb:

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