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Discussion in 'BIOS Optimization Guide (BOG)' started by Adrian Wong, Jan 14, 2003.

  1. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    LOL! Every bit helps, StevenV! Thanks! :)

    Will note your request and work on it ASAP!
  2. jjvb

    jjvb Newbie

    BIOS ?

    Didn't find this one in the BIOS guide.

    OS/2 Onboard Memory > 64M
    [Disabled] [Enabled]
    I don't know what it means.
    Intel 845PE

    Video Memory Cache Mode
    [UC] [USWC]
    UC is uncacheable - USWC is uncacheable, speculative writing combining
    Intel 845PE

  3. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Hello jjvb,

    For reasons best known to themselves, many manufacturers choose to use different names for the same BIOS option. Fortunately, very little guesswork is needed to figure out which are similar ones.

    The OS/2 Onboard Memory > 64M you mention is the same as the more common OS Select For DRAM > 64MB BIOS feature covered in the BIOS Optimization Guide.

    The same goes for Video Memory Cache Mode. It's the same as USWC Write Posting, also covered in the BIOS Optimization Guide.

    But I thank you for listing them here. It's good to find out the different names of similar BIOS options. I can then post them in the BIOS Optimization Guide for completion.

    Thanks again and keep 'em coming! :)
  4. jjvb

    jjvb Newbie

    Thanks for the reply Adrian. This is a great resource. I appreciate you putting it together. I didn't notice the USWC Write Posting in the guide. Guess I should have done a search.
  5. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Hey, that's perfectly alright, jjvb! That's why I really appreciate you posting the ASUS settings here. It will give me a chance to add them (BIOS options with similar names) to the guide.
  6. StevenV

    StevenV Newbie

    Hi Adrian, thanks for the reply
    I got this reply from Iwill's "Tech Forum":

    That setting is dealing with the ISA to PCI bridge. The chipset generates the ISA bus clock (ATCLK) from an internal division of PCICLK. You can set the speed of the AT bus in terms of a fraction of the CPU clock speed, or probably best to leave it at the fixed speed of 7.16 MHz.

    hope this helps
  7. Bullhead

    Bullhead Newbie

    Here's a couple from my mem settings, located under 1.Soyo Combo feature - 2.Advanced Tune-Up Settings:

    DRAM Burst Length
    options = 4/8 (4 = default)
    "increase DRAM performance"

    DRAM Access Time
    options = 3T/2T (3T = default)
    "increase DRAM performance"

    DRAM Queue Depth
    options = 2/4/3 level (4 level = default)
    "increase DRAM performance"

    options = 1T/3T (3T = default)
    "increase DRAM performance"

    Write Recovery time
    options 2T/3T (3T = default)
    "increase DRAM performance"

    as you can see, Soyo is very descriptive on what these settings do :?
    I tried asking the guys on Corsair's forums, but got nothing back. I apologize if any of these were already covered (I didn't see them in the BOG).

    My Rig:
    AMD 1800+
    Soyo Dragon Ultra Plat. KT400
    512 PC2700 DDR C2 Corsair XMS
    ATI Radeon 9500 Pro
    SB Audigy X-Gamer
    WinXP Pro
  8. zwouth

    zwouth Newbie

    Ack, was wondering what these options did. Mostly for information now, since I now longer own this board, but maybe they will provide that magical 50% system speed up we all dream of to some lucky person out there =)

    Ironically, i wrote these options down to submit them to the bios guide like 4 months ago, and I just now found it while cleaning the desk! This obviously also means no rush unless you're feeling uncharacteristly bored some evening =)

    Motherboard : Abit KR7a-RAID
    Chipset : VIA KT266a

    Under the memory timings section

    BIOS Option : Rx6C overwrite
    Options : ?
    BIOS Option : Rx6D overwrite
    Options : ?

    Under Advanced Chipset Features? - i don't remember for sure, it's where all the other AGP driving value stuff is.

    BIOS Option : AGP Read Synchronization
    Options : Enabled, Disabled

    I wish i still had this board to get more information on it, the memory options only appeared in the very last bios updates for the KR7a, so i'm guessing they might be some sort of compatibility workaround. AGP Read Sync is probably some generic name for something already covered in the bios guide.

    Mostly historical, but maybe might help someone out!
  9. thomasj

    thomasj Newbie

    Motherboard: DFI AD77 Infinity (KT400 based)
    Bios: Award-Phoenix
    BIOS Option: Clock By Slight Adjust
    Options: A Number
  10. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Hello zwouth,

    You did not list down the options available for the Rx6C overwrite and Rx6D overwrite BIOS settings. Can you list them down for me? Thanks!

    Hello thomasj,

    The Clock By Slight Adjust is just a BIOS option that allows you to select the FSB clock speed. Nice name but it's nothing more than the FSB Speed or CPU Ext. Clock Speed options found in other motherboards.
  11. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    BTW Bullhead,

    Many of your requested BIOS features are already covered in the BIOS Optimization Guide. Try looking under SDRAM.

  12. Bullhead

    Bullhead Newbie

    Ok, I apologize for not catching the others, I should've dug deeper to find 'em. I still cannot find these three, though, and am still curious as to what they refer to. I'm currently running with almost all of these at their lowest settings (except queue depth, which is at 4), and have noticed no stability issues. If these are in the BOG, plz tell me what the titles are, since I can't find em :oops: . Thanks!

    DRAM Burst Length
    options = 4/8 (4 = default)
    "increase DRAM performance"

    DRAM Access Time
    options = 3T/2T (3T = default)
    "increase DRAM performance"

    DRAM Queue Depth
    options = 2/4/3 level (4 level = default)
    "increase DRAM performance
  13. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Hello Bullhead,

    Already added them to the "To Do" list. Look out for them in future updates! ;)
  14. Bullhead

    Bullhead Newbie

    Thanks! Look forward to it.
  15. Dalisam

    Dalisam Newbie

    Bios Option: Differential Current
    Options: 4x,5x,6x,7x, and default
    Description: None Given
    Motherboard: Abit IT7-MAX2 Ver. 2
    Chipset: Intel 845PE

    Bios Option: CPU THRM-Throttling
    Options: 87.5%,75%,62.5%,50%,37.5%,25%, and 12%
    (default is set at 62.5%)
    Descripton: This option is used during Suspend to Ram (STR) mode.It controlls the cpu speed as a percentage of regular power.
    Motherboard:Abit IT7-Max Ver2.0
    Chipset: Intel 845PE
  16. Zeke666

    Zeke666 Newbie

    Advanced chipset features

    BIOS Option : DDskew level
    Options : i.e. 00-0C
    Description : inone
    Motherboard : Soltek 75-DRV4
    Chipset : i.e. KT266A
  17. f300

    f300 Newbie

    Advanced Chipset Features

    BIOS Option : CPU Latency Timer
    Options : Enabled, Disabled
    Description : None in mobo manual
    Motherboard : ABIT ST6
    Chipset : i815EP
  18. [TN] Nathan

    [TN] Nathan Newbie

    DBI Output for AGP Trans.

    Options: Enabled or Disabled

    Board: Soyo P4X400 Ultra Platinum.

    Asked for this option before but had no answer yet.
  19. M2

    M2 Newbie

    BIOS Option : Watchdog Timer
    Options : Enabled, Disabled
    Description : Reboots the system if no bus activity for 1.2 seconds
    Motherboard American Megatrends Merlin DP dual pentium pro
    Chipset : unsure
  20. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Hello [TN] Nathan,

    Sorry for the wait but it takes time for me to research each BIOS option. I have good news for you though. Look out for DBI Output for AGP Trans. in the next update! :)

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