Power Link SAVR radiation reducer - scam?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by arclee, Apr 27, 2015.

  1. arclee

    arclee Newbie

    Hi guys,

    short time reader, 1st time poster.

    My auntie bought a Power Link SAVR radiation reducer at a staggering cost of RM1800 just recently.

    However, I am very sceptical of an electrical device which purports to minimise electromagnetic radiation without explaining its technology.

    The only way I can think of to reduce EM radiation is using a Faraday's cage. Or perhaps a 180 degree phase shift on the impending EM radiation for destructive interference (but surely that would require a great deal of circuitry for detection and re-emission, ie multiple antennas for re-transmission of detected frequencies for 180degree EM destructive interference. And this is also stupid as you are increasing radiation when the device is supposed to minimise it!!)

    Power Link has previously released a device, Osidun, before which was dubious:

    I mean, what units does that radiation detector detect in? mW? W?
    And how come the box (from the second link) says it can reduce 95% of all radiation when the detector is showing a complete reduction to zero? it should be proclaiming to be "up to 100%".
    Moreover, the RD8000 radiation detector name is trying to piggy back off a more legitimate radiation detection device:

    Lastly, there is a debunking video of the osidun device:
    which shows it as merely a frequency jammer. An excellent breakdown of the findings is at

    Does anyone know anything about the functionality of the SAVR? Or can we simply jump to the conclusion that once a scamming company, always a scamming company?
    And that the SAVR is only an Osidun but dressed up for round 2 with pimped up blue LEDs on its stand?

    Thanks for any comments!

    PS: the weblinks may not work as this is my first post and I cannot send URLs from youtube or images of the SAVR device that I have taken.
  2. atwl77

    atwl77 Just Started

    Here, let my linkify the links for ya:

    And personally? An EM cancellation field? Sounds right out of a sci-fi movie, lol.
  3. arclee

    arclee Newbie

    Haha sci-fi indeed! Yeah I am surprised at how much scam stuff is going on in Malaysia.

    From all the alkaline water stuff (yes, my auntie has bought one of those too! and at RM6800 for the e-ions system she truly believes that everyone in the household is enjoying a much healthier life) to the many MLM's present which tries to sell ridiculous items and overpriced supplements.

    People here who are better off must think they need just that extra something to spend that money on, so they unknowingly buy all this scam stuff :cry: hoping for a healthier lifestyle.

    Maybe just skip on all that curry mee, and chee cheong fun instead!!:mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  4. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Studies have failed to show any correlation, much less causation, between non-ionizing radiation and detrimental health effects... say, cancer. So what actually is her concern?

    In any case, why on earth would one need a "Radiation Reducer" if one's worried only about electromagnetic radiation?

    Just build a Faraday cage and stay inside - problem solved! Of course, that would block cell phone coverage, WiFi, radio, etc... :D
  5. atwl77

    atwl77 Just Started

    You know, it would be funny if you had your own Faraday cage... then when someone annoying calls you on your phone, but you can't just ignore the person, you pick it up, then walk into the Faraday cage while saying "hallo hallo bad signal harr"
  6. arclee

    arclee Newbie

    Well... her concern is basically RF radiation in the environment. It is easy for us who are more scientifically minded to just ignore the scaremongering out there but for the vast majority who aren't science educated, they make for excellent marketing victims.

    There is too much disinformation out there (whether by marketers or internet) that it becomes easy to believe in all these pseudoscience!

    One of the blurbs on the back of this Power Link SAVR says it is good for attenuation of EM radiation below 1GHz.
    The problem here is that what people fear most is mobile phone EM radiation but mobile phone RF radiation in Malaysia is predominantly in the 1800MHz, 2100Mhz, and 2600Mhz ranges along with 850MHz and 900Mhz bands.

    Come to think about it, what I want to test is attenuation of radio station reception. They should all be under 1GHz. According to Wikipedia, there are 87.7Mhz to 107.9Mhz stations in KL, Selangor and Putrajaya so I'll see if there is indeed a 7 metre "EM force field" around this Power Link SAVR. hahahah
  7. arclee

    arclee Newbie

    Well I managed to get a mobile phone with earphones to use as my radio.

    And the results just in (and you'll have to believe me on this because I can't be bothered posting the video evidence on youtube. But seriously, is it so hard to believe?!!:rolleyes: ):

    92.9MHz frequency band was not attenuated at all when the Power Link SAVR was turned on; and

    106.9MHz frequency band was not attenuated when the SAVR was switched on either.

    Both were tested by measuring the quality of audio being received from the radio station before and during energising the Power Link SAVR device.

    So much for its claim of annulling EM radiation below the 1GHz range.
  8. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    I'm not surprised. What the device claims to do is basically jam the radio signal, which requires a lot more hardware and power than what it can deliver.

    To eliminate a single radio station, it would have to have an antenna with a radio receiver to monitor the RF wavelengths, and after inverting said signal in real time, it would have to broadcast the signal with a powerful radio transmitter.

    Of course, while this may eliminate that single station, it would produce a fair bit of EM radiation from the unit itself... Back to square one! :mrgreen:

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