Powering Up A Standalone PSU Guide Posted!

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  1. Dashken

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    If you need to test some fans or cold cathode tubes, it can be a hassle hooking them up to a case. Why not use a standalone PSU?

    This quick guide will show you just how to power up a standalone PSU for quick and easy tests of accessories and other components that require electrical power.


    Link : Powering Up A Standalone PSU Guide!
  2. werty316

    werty316 Newbie

    Great article. I use a crap 300W POS PSU for fan testing. Works great.
  3. zy

    zy zynine.com Staff Member

    i use my old AT power supply for testing :haha:
    & it comes with a SWITCH :mrgreen: .. ols stuffz are great :liar:
  4. lklatmy

    lklatmy Newbie

    Since one of the rail supplies 12v,can it be used to power a car radio which incidentally also use 12v DC?

    If so,the positive(red)and negative(black) wire fom the radio set should be connected to which colour wire in the PSU?
  5. zy

    zy zynine.com Staff Member

    hmmmm .. my uncle once used a 12V AC/DC transformer .. those bigger ones to power up him home "car radio" before :think:
  6. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    Red connect to the Yellow line from the PSU, and Black to Black.

    The connector on the PSU
    Yellow = 12V
    Black = -
    Black = -
    Red = 5V
  7. crashagn

    crashagn Newbie

    Yes it will work

    All you need to do is find the +12 and ground molex lead.. (you know the molex thingy) and hook it up to your radio.. then on the mobo connector if its a atx psu.. the green and gray wire.. use a paper clip.. or even safer a piece of wire with the ends striped off.. this works.. cause im to cheep to invest in a good radio for my garage
  8. crashagn

    crashagn Newbie

    Powering up a psu with a psu

    This was not my original idea i learned this off another webpage somewere and only modified it

    All ya need:
    4 pole 12voltdc relay.. 1 out of a car works.. hopefully someone elses :) or goto radioshaq
    sodering iron ,solder, multimeter/wirecutters/strippers/ and some female crimp connecters/ ohh and 2 psu/ and extra power cords/ Heat shrink tubing/ and a molex connecter... can either be a single female plug.. or a split that are used on addon fans

    Safety First !!!! Dont touch the CAPACITERS or the bottom side of the psu board!! and make sure the power isnt hooked up :( IF you are not comfertable working with wires or power supplies or electricity do not attempt..

    ill explain it in short terms.. and try to include decent pics..if you want detailed instructions pls ask or pm. ohh and if you understand all this on the 1st try.. give yourself a cookie :wall:
    please make sure you use plenty of extra wire or know were you stuffing all of this
    Open up spare psu
    1.basicly.. on spare psu.. cut off and seperate the green and gray wire from the mobo connecter,cut close to the plug youll need the wire.. All other wires are usless unless you want to save them for sentimental values, cut them close to the board
    Take the green/gray wire and attach female connecters those then connect to the relay
    2. taking 2 extra wires and the molex connecter attach female connecters and attach to other side of relay,make sure you have the +12 and ground correct, and make sure you use plenty of wire .. these to wires connect to your main psu

    3. as for how i modified this project.. this is were i used the extra psu power cables.. i dont have many outlets.. so all i did was run a patch cord for the main psu to the 2nd psu.. hence using extra male and female ends like a dropcord so i could easily remove psu

    Please let you power company know your gonna do this haha

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